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Terra Collective is a Canadian marketplace featuring local, women-led businesses.

We take the hassle out of shopping ethically by carefully sourcing brands that meet eco-friendly & socially conscious standards to ensure your purchases support brands that make a difference.

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Ethically Sourced, Purpose Driven

We hand-select brands featured on Terra Collective to ensure our marketplace meets our high standards of quality and sustainability. Discover more about our brand partners, their values, and their journey from inception and beyond.

Empowering Women

Terra Collective is humbled to work with an array of diverse brands that are owned and led by women. We strongly believe that supporting local, sustainable, and intersectional businesses is pivotal to strengthening economies and communities. 

By curating a selection of brands that support this ethos, we hope to assist discerning customers such as yourself discover brands that are making a difference.

Our Journal

Founder Highlight: EVRĒDĀ | Terra Collective

Founder Highlight: EVRĒDĀ

For Kavisha Mirza, founder of EVRĒDĀ (pronounced ev-ree-day), a passion for skincare began long before her brand's inception in 2018. As the head of the brand, she is bridging the gap between minimalist skincare routines and clean and effective products that produce maximum results. 

Detox your home  | Terra Collective

Detox your home 

Conventional cleaning products can contain an array of harmful chemicals that are bad for your home and the planet. These include toilet cleaners, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, spot removers, dryer sheets, air fresheners and more. We breakdown what common cleaners are the worst culprits and and what to use instead.
Transform Your Eating Habits by Doing This One Simple Thing! | Terra Collective

Transform Your Eating Habits by Doing This One Simple Thing!

What could this one simple thing be? It is something we have lost touch with in this fast-paced, go, go, go world. By following these simple steps, you'll be more mindful and present while you eat. Each action you take will dramatically change the way you think and feel about food, your appreciation towards it and nourishing your body.