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Terra Collective is proud to host a collective of Canadian-owned businesses on our platform.

In addition to supporting local businesses, each of our listed brands is carefully vetted to ensure they are eco-friendly, women-led, and socially conscious.



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We hand-select brands featured on Terra Collective to ensure our marketplace meets our high standards of quality and sustainability. Discover more about our brand partners, their values, and their journey from inception and beyond.

Empowering Women

Terra Collective is humbled to work with an array of diverse brands that are owned and led by women. We strongly believe that supporting local, sustainable, and intersectional businesses is pivotal to strengthening economies and communities. 

By curating a selection of brands that support this ethos, we hope to assist discerning customers such as yourself discover brands that are making a difference.

Our Journal


Founder Highlight: AURA Inner Beauty

Avalon Lukacs brings a unique perspective to the world of internal wellness. As a career woman turned entrepreneur, she is also busy raising twin boys. She has experienced first-hand the difficulties of overcoming changes as a result of pregnancy. Chronic stress, bouts of fatigue, burnout and other symptoms were all a result of the changes in her life. It was not until she discovered the power of probiotics, adaptogens, and collagen that she was able to begin healing her skin and body from within. 

Breaking Down Mérv’s Oil Serums: Which is Right for You?

The Skincare lineup at Mérv has been headed by Canadian founder and Chemical & Biological Engineer, Melissa Bayanzadeh. Having a deep-rooted passion for natural skincare and the benefits that raw, wholesome ingredients can have on one’s skin, she set out to create skincare staples packed with pure ingredients in the most organic form possible. 
Valentine's Day Self-Love Guide

Valentine's Day Self-Love Guide

Whether this Valentine’s Day is a me-day or a we-day, we hope you are able to prioritize loving yourself and treating your body and mind with kindness. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite products you can indulge in solo or with a partner this upcoming holiday.