Jaye & Ali are the sister act behind Bottle None. Based out of Vernon, BC, they are committed to redefining how we think of post-consumer waste in the personal care industry, including bottled shampoo and conditioner. Along with creating effective, natural self-care alternatives, their goal is to close the loop of their production by creating an entire line of zero-waste products. 

At $500 billion per year, the global personal care industry relies heavily on the use of plastic packaging that ends up sitting in landfills and gathering in oceans. The average individual uses about 6-10 shampoo and conditioner bottles per year. This coupled with deodorants, hair products, cosmetics, and more, can have a huge impact on our ecological footprint. 

If you are new to bottle-less haircare products do not fret! We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that cover everything you need to know about switching to a bar-based haircare routine. 


Are Bottle None Bars clean?

Bottle None’s shampoo and conditioner bars are cruelty-free, vegan, and are free from any harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium coco sulfate, and parabens. The formulations are PH balanced for healthy skin and hair.  

Why is PH balanced shampoo & conditioner important?

PH balanced shampoos and conditioners work to clean the hair without stripping it of too much of the natural sebum that works to keep the hair and scalp healthy. This helps to reduce dryness and in turn, excess oil production. Along with this, it helps maintain the hair’s natural shine, prevent breakage, and keep the hairs cuticle sealed, reducing frizziness.   

How long do Bottle None Bars last?

Depending on frequency of use, each Bottle None bar replaces around 2 to 3 plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles and lasts around 50+ washes. 

How do you use Shampoo & Conditioner Bars?

Just like a traditional bar of soap, Bottle None’s shampoo bars are as simple as lather, rinse, repeat (if you wish!). Lather up the bar in your hands or directly on your hair. If you’ve used a lot of hair products or your hair is in need of a deep clean, consider doing a clarifying second shampoo. After a good rinse, run warm water over the conditioner bar and apply it directly to your ends. Massage the product through the strands of your hair, avoiding your roots if you have an oily scalp. Thoroughly rinse and pat hair dry with a towel. If you are looking for an extra hit of moisture, lightly apply a bit of conditioner to the ends of your hair as a leave-in treatment.  


What’s the best way to store your bars?

Airflow and proper drying between uses is key to the longevity of your shampoo and conditioner bars. We recommend keeping your soap in a soap dish on the far end of your shower, away from your shower head. Too much moisture can cause excess melting which will shorten the lifespan of your bars. After each use, remove your bars from the shower to allow them to fully dry. The more you let them cure after use, the longer your bars will last. Always allow your bars to fully dry before putting them in the travel case so as to not trap in excess moisture. 

Are they as effective as traditional bottled shampoo/conditioner?

Making the switch to natural shampoo and conditioner bars requires a hair detoxing phase. Don’t write them off after just one or two uses! It takes about a week, or 3 to 4 washes, to fully remove the silicone build up from traditional drug store shampoos & conditioners. 


How can I determine which bar is best for me?

All of Bottle None's bars have been formulated with a natural dimethicone replacement so you get the benefits of a silicone shine without the damaging effects. They have also formulated bars to work in synergy with a variety of hair-types. Below is a list of their assortment to help you choose the right bar for you:

be YOU - Ideal for all Hair Types

High in silica, this formula contains clay, nettle, and horsetail to help build hair strength and hydrate a dry scalp. 

be STRONG - Ideal for Fine or Damaged Hair

Ideal for fine, damaged hair. Red Clover aids in stimulating hair growth while avocado oil and calendula help to repair and strengthen your hair.

be BOLD - For Thick, Coarse, or Curly Hair

Made with collagen-stimulating bilberry extract and hydrating marshmallow root to enhance luster and bounce. Infused with ylang ylang, tangerine, and bergamot essential oils for an irresistible scent.

be CLEAR - Formulated for an Oily Scalp

Made with peppermint and tea tree oil, this tingling formula stimulates the scalp while sage helps with excess oil production.

 be BRIGHT - Brightens Blonde/Red/Grey

Naturally tone, detoxify, and add shine with this chamomile infusion. Made with asparagus extract to strengthens hair, while ginkgo biloba builds strength. 

To start your journey towards a zero-waste bathroom routine, you can shop Bottle None’s product assortment here!