Yeoni Kim's journey to entrepreneurship began in 2017. Following a diagnosis of lupus, she realized that years of overworking took a toll on her overall health. Leaving the corporate world as a project manager, she began her recovery. 

With the belief that nature has a profound way of healing us, she focused on rekindling her connection with the earth. In addition to spending lots of time in nature, Yeoni began incorporating essential oils and all-natural products into her daily routine, experiencing many positive benefits.


It's this love of nature and natural things that drove Yeoni to handcraft skincare and self-care products. This passion turned into a full-blown obsession when Yeoni realized her office had turned entirely into her own workshop and studio. Looking around and seeing the products she strongly believed in, she decided to share her creations with others by founding what we now know as Agha Studio. 

The primary mission of Agha Studio is to provide products to help people along every part of their self-care journey. Each product is crafted with the notion that everyone deserves to feel their best. Beautifully boxed, her kits come with everything you need to unwind, destress, or take a little moment for yourself. 


Perfect as a self-purchase, or a gift for someone you love, each item is meticulously handmade in small batches. After all, Yeoni understands first-hand the dramatic impact these products can play on your mind and body, particularly during the most challenging days.  

Now more than ever, Yeoni is a big proponent of work-life balance. It took a health scare to realize that one of the most important things we have in life is our health. Living with a chronic illness and running a business creates its own set of unique challenges and part of taking care of herself involves knowing when to schedule some time for herself. This balance is key to ensuring her healthiest self and, in turn, creating products to help make a difference in the lives of others. 



Yeoni's most important key to success, she believes, is consistency. As such, she provides this piece of advice to any up-and-coming entrepreneur. Consistency can be applied to many of the things we do daily and is not limited to your work. Being consistent in your vision, the work you produce, and the care and attention you give to your mind and body are all keys to achieving your dreams. 

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November 11, 2021