Amadine Sol Botanicals was born through a determination to treat concerns of acne, eczema, and rosacea on even the most sensitive and reactive skin. A family relocation out of the hustle and bustle of the city to rural farm living ignited a passion for a clean, natural, and uncomplicated lifestyle. These foundational pillars have guided their journey to creating effective skincare products for all skin types. Proudly crafted in Canada, ASB has selected the best ingredients that work in synergy to produce radiant and glowing skin.


Some might say that Amandine Sol Botanicals founder, Amandine Azran was destined to leave her mark in the beauty industry. This is because of her family’s deep roots within the sector. Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Amandine spent many afternoons and weekends in her father’s hair salon. Her mother, no stranger to the self-care industry herself, owned and operated a beauty boutique where she sold a variety of beauty essentials including her own hand-made soaps. The exposure Amandine had to the industry from her parents at a young age fostered a passion for her to pursue a similar path.  


As a child, Amandine suffered from eczema and would experience frequent flare-ups. Wanting to soothe her daughter’s skin, her mother set out to create a product that would effectively heal the irritation while being gentle on her sensitive skin. Amandine and her mother would regularly brew up masks, testing these together. These formative experiences, combined with the passion they both had for natural wellness would be the fuel for their eventual joint business partnership.

A family relocation from the hustle and bustle of the city to a farm outside of Toronto provided a newfound appreciation for a ‘less-is-more’ approach to living. This would go on to be a founding principal of Amandine Sol Botanicals. 


Founded in 2019, the brand’s mission centers around creating luxurious, yet approachable products that are simple to use and highly effective. The idea for their first product came to them instantly – a face oil formulated to work with every skin type, regardless of age. They aspired to create a product they could both use and derive benefits from. The initial goal was clear; to create an all-natural face oil that would be sensitive enough to soothe Amandine’s reactive skin, and active enough to treat her mother’s aging skin. With this as their focus, they launched the brand with the all-natural Inner Glow Face Oil. According to Amandine, “this specific combination of essential oils creates the Justice League for skincare. It combats and fights against anything that would attempt to distort our natural beauty; from acne to wrinkles and everything in between.” 


For Amandine, there have been many obstacles that could have derailed her advancement of Amandine Sol Botanicals. As the launch date approached, Amandine’s mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. This pushed her even harder to make their dream a reality. Since its inception, a portion of proceeds has been donated to St. Joseph’s Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital in recognition of her mother’s treatment.   


“Every day there are new challenges that are impossible to foresee – from imposter syndrome to sourcing affordable inventory. We've overcome being 'too small' for just about everything”.


Amandine’s perseverance allowed her to push forward with other hurdles she faced in growing her business. “Every day there are new challenges that are impossible to foresee – from imposter syndrome to sourcing affordable inventory. We've overcome being 'too small' for just about everything”. For those looking to forge their own path forward into entrepreneurship, Amandine has this piece of advice: “Don't look around or behind you – only look forward and move full speed ahead towards your goal and vision”.

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December 17, 2020