Avalon Lukacs spends her days carefully crafting products that tend to our inner wellbeing in order to achieve a radiance that goes beyond skin deep. She set out on this path in 2018 after years of attempting to treat and conceal a myriad of skin issues with various topical products. 

Avalon brings a unique perspective to the world of internal wellness. As a career woman turned entrepreneur, she is also busy raising twin boys. She has experienced first-hand the difficulties of overcoming changes as a result of pregnancy. Chronic stress, bouts of fatigue, burnout and other symptoms were all a result of the changes in her life. It was not until she discovered the power of probiotics, adaptogens, and collagen that she was able to begin healing her skin and body from within. 




Her passion for helping people discover and make healthy choices led her to launch her first online business as a green beauty retailer. Through this experience, she curated an assortment of clean brands, making them accessible to all. In the process of finding effective, high-quality beauty staples, Avalon tested a multitude of products, including nutritional supplements. Mixing these into her daily routine, she often found herself confused and unsatisfied with the overall process and results. This sparked her desired to create a functional line of inner beauty products that would modernize the nutritional wellness industry. 

Avalon spent the better part of eight years working in the oil and gas industry and knew that to pursue her passion, she needed to raise capital to self-fund her venture. Working tirelessly for almost a full year before launching, Avalon split her time between working full-time while crafting the plan for her new business. She continued to split her time between two demanding segments of her life for three years before jumping in head-first into AURA Inner Beauty. 

Their mission is clear; to redefine our relationship with our beauty by focusing on our health and wellness. Allowing women to feel their best not by what they put on their skin, but by empowering them to nourish their bodies from within. She believes that when our health is prioritized, we can feel balanced, nourished, and energized, leading to a beauty effect that radiates outwards. 




At AURA, they know that life is full of moments that can take our priority away from proper self-care. The focus of AURA’s line is to empower women to reconnect with their bodies and feel beautifully themselves. With this in mind, AURA creates inner beauty products that are formulated with premium, pure, wholesome, and natural ingredients. 

Collagen Reimagined 

Collagen is a protein that contains a unique combination and ratio of amino acids, which are necessary to properly support joint and connective tissue health. As we age, our natural collagen production slows, which is why replenishment is important to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. AURA has reimagined collagen by taking a flavourless powder and elevating it into a luxury wellness experience. Deliberate ingredients are chosen with purpose and include organic flavours, sustainable palm-free organic glycerin, and wild-caught marine collagen – all sourced from Canada. 



Inner beauty redefined

At the center of your health and beauty is your digestive system – it’s key for supporting the foundational processes which link gut-health to the skin, body and mind. AURA has created a line of beauty powders to restore those important connections. They combine the digestive-health benefits of pre/probiotics with nutrient-rich antioxidants and powerful adaptogens. 



Hydration reinvented

Dew Drops reinvents the connection between inner and outer beauty. Not only does it moisturize as a face oil, but it also doubles as a nourishing omega oil supplement to hydrate your whole body, inside and out. This multifaceted and replenishing oil restores and protects any skin type, deeply softening and adding an instant glow to the complexion. As an internal omega supplement, Dew Drops quenches and relieves dry, irritated skin from within while supporting your overall health. 



The journey to entrepreneurship, particularly in the health industry, has been filled with many peaks and valleys. Avalon has shown us that perseverance and a good support system are vital to pushing forward. She leaves this piece of advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs: “Do not give up. For every problem there are many different solutions, not just the obvious one. Find another way, use your community, and stay the course!”. 

To learn more about Avalon’s incredible journey and discover her entire range of natural inner beauty products, click here!

March 04, 2021