Andrea Morris’ mission has always been simple: to help people live their best and most balanced lives. As the CEO of Mindful Collective Co., she is at the helm of sister brands Halfmoon and B Yoga to do just that. 

Andrea’s passion for yoga began while completing her master’s degree in Sydney, Australia, studying International Business. She knew early on that she would someday make yoga the focus of her career. 

After returning home, she began working at her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company, where she eventually discovered an innovative type of rubber. She quickly realized that this material had distinctive qualities that would make it the perfect yoga mat. She knew durability, sustainability, and a grippy surface were all critical considerations within her yoga practice. After endlessly prototyping and fine-tuning the design, the B MAT was born. It quickly became a staple item in the launch of her yoga brand, B Yoga, in 2014. 


B Mat-green-yoga-pose-lifestyle-shot

 The B Mat Everyday 4mm

With the success of the B MAT, B Yoga continued to grow its assortment beyond mats. They began developing elevated, performance-driven essentials for all kinds of movement and meditation. 

Today, B Yoga’s focus is on creating fitness essentials for all the ways people move. Their goal is to produce beautiful and functional products suitable for modern-day needs. With high marks for unrivalled comfort and style, B Yoga provides the boutique fitness experience at home with products you won’t want to tuck away post-workout. 


B Yoga-practice-blanket-cacao-stripe

 The Practice Blanket | Onyx Stripe


On the other side of Canada in Burnaby, BC, resides a brand with a similar ethos, known as Halfmoon Yoga. Founded by Beth McTavish in 1989, Halfmoon is rooted in tradition and aims to uphold yogic values of truth, compassion, community and kindness. 

Beth first discovered yoga when she became captivated by the focus and movement of a group of yogis along the Ganges River in Varanasi, India. Returning home, she threw herself into the practice, devoting her time and energy to Iyengar yoga. Leveraging her creative spirit, she began developing her own props, creating the foundation for the brand.  

Today, Halfmoon’s core products are designed and manufactured in BC, Canada, with the West Coast’s energy woven into everything they create. Their offering continues to be both approachable and comprehensive, to help all individuals at any level on their mindfulness journey. 



The Crescent Sit Set | Solstice

In 2018, B Yoga acquired Halfmoon Yoga. Sharing similar values of being Canadian, female-founded yoga brands, the merger felt an excellent fit. The goal of this move was to help differentiate and provide the best products to the demographics each brand aimed to serve. 

Managing the operations of both brands, Morris is fulfilling her vision of inspiring all people everywhere to live their yoga. She currently resides in her hometown of Toronto, ON, with her husband and two daughters. 

“I live my yoga in moments with movement, nature, loved ones and creative ideation and expression. These moments come and go—they’re rarely scheduled, but always fulfilling.” —Andrea Morris, Founder & CEO of Mindful Collective Co. 


B Yoga-B Mat-Everyday-lifestyle-Living your best yoga


Andrea has always been one to follow her gut and passions. Early in her entrepreneurial journey, she faced adversity in growing her brand and pursuing her vision. “I experienced a fair amount of sexism and ageism; older males who didn’t believe that I had what it took to launch and grow this business. At times this resulted in roadblocks, frustrations, and tears. Still, in the end, these challenges equipped me with thicker skin and a stronger understanding of who I am and my strengths as a woman.” 

This experience also fuels her desire to support other females in business to show them what’s possible, open doors and shatter ceilings for and with them. As Andrea states so poignantly, “We are stronger together.” 


Andrea-Morris-Founder of B yoga-and-CEO of-Mindful-Collective-Co


Her biggest advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs? “Stay true to you and speak your truth. Work hard and keep your vision alive”. Lastly and most importantly, Morris urges entrepreneurs at any stage to ask for help. Together we become stronger. 

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February 10, 2022