Tannis Marshall has spent the better part of the last decade pursuing different pathways towards a more holistic lifestyle. She attributes her first pregnancy as the catalyst that would propel her research from holistic health into beauty when she discovered all of the unnecessary synthetics she had been exposing her skin to on a daily basis. This eye-opening realization led her on a mission to find trusted skincare brands with clean ingredients, but after an exhaustive and disappointing search, she ultimately decided to craft her own.  


As Tannis began experimenting with natural ingredients, her passion grew exponentially. She dove headfirst into learning about the various beauty rituals performed around the globe, testing new ingredients and lifestyle practices in her own daily routine. The core of her research centred around ancient cultural beauty and healing practices, passed down from one generation to the next, that revered and celebrated the earth’s amazing elements and botanicals. This wisdom coupled with her deep-rooted passion for wellness provided her with a newfound appreciation for how important it is to slow down and take time for moments of self-care. This inspiration was the driving force behind the creation of Eluo. 


Founded in 2018, the name Eluo was chosen deriving meaning from Latin ‘to cleanse clean’. Whether you are washing away the day or prioritizing a moment for yourself, Eluo’s guiding principles are clear. Their focus is to inspire the ritual of self-care, to celebrate Earth’s abundance, and practice sustainability. As Tannis describes: “Our collection engages all of your senses to create a mindful, relaxing skincare ritual. Because rituals ground us, they give shape to our day and they allow us the time and space to tap into our true hearts.” Each product in her line has been carefully formulated with certified organic, wildcrafted ingredients. These showcase the beautiful textures, indulgent aromatics, and subtle natural hues of purifying clays and regenerating botanicals that the planet has to offer. The base of her powders is composed of either colloidal clay or French green clay, each creating a luxurious consistency promoting the healing and rejuvenation of the skin. Nutrient-rich plant powders of hibiscus, althaea root, aloe, coconut, rosehip, chamomile, neem, spirulina, and matcha are also used in combination with skin-loving essential oils.




Tannis believes that simplicity is the root of sustainability, so it was important to create a modern collection of products that were multitasking and provided more than one use within a skincare routine. Designed with this in mind, Eluo’s powders can be used for masking and alternatively, as a gentle exfoliating polish. Each beautifully crafted apothecary bottle contains enough powder to enjoy between 4-10 polishes or masks, depending on the user’s preference. They have sourced recycled alternatives for their packaging and they encourage repurposing their bottles after use. 


When asked about the biggest challenge she’s faced in regards to being a business owner, Tannis says it’s maintaining a healthy work-life balance as her business continues to grow. “Being a mother and managing the demands of owning a business has become my biggest day-to-day challenge. There are constant constraints on time, but showing up for your children, partner, and yourself in a meaningful way is extremely important. I have learned to be flexible, slow down, and accept a certain level of chaos. To be honest, balance is something I continue to work on every day.”




As a mother, partner, and entrepreneur, she has this piece of advice for women wanting to jump into the entrepreneurial world: “ Lean on your community. It's important to expand your network because operating a business can be isolating.” Tannis has been able to draw support from an array of amazingly talented individuals she has connected with over the years. As she puts it: “Their willingness to be so generous with their time, listening and sharing their invaluable experience has played a critical role in both shaping my business and reminding me that I’m not alone.” Tannis has experienced first-hand how tapping into this support system has allowed her to overcome many obstacles she has faced while bringing her vision of beauty into the world.


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January 28, 2021