Alana Battiston & Helena Reinfels have long been involved in the world of fitness & wellness. Both competing as high performing heptathletes, the pair became close through their love of athletics. Grueling training hours together tightened the pair’s bond as they learned they had many shared interests. Most notably, their passion for using and sharing their knowledge of their favourite natural products. 

Both Alana & Helena were growing tired of companies promoting the green beauty movement when in reality, most products claiming to be all-natural were full of additives, fillers, and synthetic fragrances. With their combined backgrounds in nutrition, holistic health, conscious design, and sustainability, they set out to change the industry standard. With this mission in mind, they launched their company, Embody Apothecary, in 2017. 

We understand that we are shaped by our environment, just as much as we shape it. Well-thought design should reflect purpose, quality, and sustainability while honouring our environment in order to create honest products”



 Nature plays a pivotal role in Embody Apothecary’s line. “We understand that we are shaped by our environment, just as much as we shape it. Well-thought design should reflect purpose, quality, and sustainability while honouring our environment in order to create honest products” - Alana and Helena, Embody Apothecary.

After completing her studies in nutrition, Alana became increasingly interested in the medicinal properties of plants. This led her to dive headfirst into the world of holistic health, providing her with a deep understanding of what herbs can be used to treat common ailments and promote overall well-being. Her dedication to her studies has empowered her to create products that harness the power of the plants used in each of Embody’s formulations. 




Growing up on a farm helped shape Helena’s perspective on sustainable agriculture,  conscious consumerism, and living simply. She is constantly drumming up and creatively tackling sustainable solutions for all aspects of their production processes,  packaging, and shipping materials in order to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. When she isn’t helping Alana finetune formulations, she’s carefully curating and maintaining their studio in Montreal, Quebec. 




Alana and Helena embody sustainability in every aspect of their venture. For them, sustainability is the harmonization between the environment, people, and the economy. They are able to reach these three major pillars by supporting local farmers, shops, and small green businesses to create products that work in harmony with the environment. 

All of their products are handmade in small batches using ingredients that have been carefully selected and sourced as close to home as possible by growing, foraging, and selecting them from local farms. When they can’t obtain an ingredient locally, they vet their suppliers to ensure these materials come from sustainable and ethical origins. When it comes to packaging, the ladies at Embody are all about recycled materials. They use recycled paper to print their soap labels and have stockpiled recycled shipping boxes and packing materials, including their vintage bubble wrap. They encourage their consumers to close the loop by taking part in their recycling program, offering a  discount when their glass bottles and containers are returned for reuse. It is through these measures that Embody Apothecary cultivates a strong involvement in sustaining eco-friendly business practices.




When asked what their biggest challenge has been in owning their own business, Alana and Helena say it’s been tough managing the demands of a growing company while juggling jobs on the side. Luckily they’ve had extensive experience in having to multitask and prioritize during their demanding athletic careers. 

With that, they provided the following three key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs:


  1. Learn to prioritize your own overall well-being because you will always have a never-ending to-do list. 
  2. Redefine the meaning of productivity. If you are not tending to your own needs then the way that you show up for your business might suffer. 
  3. Ask yourself what you can learn from a ‘negative’ experience. How can you use those failures as opportunities to improve moving forward?


As for their goals over the next five years, the ladies at Embody hope to continue to build brand authority in the conscious consumer community, continue to empower women to create a more inclusionary space in the beauty industry, grow more of their own herbs and flowers, and most importantly; hire on a team of dedicated employees and ambassadors of all backgrounds and body-types to propel their vision and mission. 

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January 08, 2021