Founded by Kavisha Mirza, EVRĒDĀ (pronounced ev-ree-day) exists to bridge the gap between minimalist skincare routines and clean and effective products. Their model is centred on the principle that skincare should be simple, use as few products as possible, and work seamlessly with one's skin. 



Kavisha’s passion for skincare began before the brand’s inception in 2018. At the time, she was tired of spending money on different products, only to be disappointed by their effectiveness. As a certified aromatherapist and product formulator, she works with her clients to decipher their individual skin needs to create simple skincare routines that produce maximum results. 




Originating as a line of custom-blended formulations for their clients, Kavisha began to see a pattern in recurring skin concerns. Armed with this knowledge, EVRĒDĀ expanded their assortment to offer four specialized skincare lines with essential products specifically formulated to fight each of these problem areas. Like a capsule wardrobe, each line of plant-powered skincare essentials exists to maximize efficacy and efficiency - elevated basics created better.



At EVRĒDĀ, the motto is skin health over skin perfection - the latter just does not exist. When it comes to skincare, they take a less-is-more approach to achieving great skin. Because they genuinely care about the uniqueness of an individual’s skin, EVRĒDĀ strives to provide consumers with the knowledge they need to make empowered skincare choices to achieve their best results. By doing this, they hope to teach people that they don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on high-priced skincare to create a healthy-looking complexion. Their mission lies in providing their customers with the power to feel confident in their skin!



As a solo entrepreneur, Kavisha has faced many challenges in getting to where she is today. Mainly, she points to having to wear many hats and juggle multiple things at once as one of the biggest. This challenge involves a lot of physical and mental work, but a feeling of great reward comes with this. 

Before starting her business, a particular piece of Kavisha’s journey that has helped her tremendously is reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. She recommends it to anyone starting their own business because of its helpful tips and valuable lessons. The piece of advice she gives to up-and-coming entrepreneurs; “Be prepared to work hard and don't be afraid of failure. In every 'failure,' there is a lesson to be learned!

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September 09, 2021