Melissa Bayanzadeh is no stranger to the world of science and technology. With a seasoned career as a Chemical & Biological Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry for over four years, something pushed her to change her course. 

Melissa decided to pivot and pursue an MBA at the University of British Columbia where, during her spare time, she found her true calling; experimenting with plant-based skincare.

“Having a busy lifestyle seriously affected my skin and my overall health. It was then when I realized the importance of self-care. I became curious about how I could improve my complexion without putting harsh chemicals on my face every day. Once I started experimenting with natural ingredients, I discovered the true power of botanicals and moved on to studying the science behind organic skincare. I started to create products for myself with ingredients that were 100% natural, and served a specific purpose to help transform my skin.”


Once Melissa made the switch to a completely natural skincare routine, she never looked back. This liberating discovery ignited a passion in her to want to share her learnings with others. “What I wanted was to create a line of products that could help other women like me, achieve a healthy, glowing complexion naturally. I wanted to celebrate their raw beauty by making them feel that they no longer had to cover their skin with makeup.”


Melissa founded MÉRV in August 2020, a socially and environmentally conscious skincare line that reflects her respect for the planet. Named after the city of Merv (مرو), an oasis located on the southern edge of the Karakum desert; she felt a connection to the plentiful water reserves of this ancient oasis city. Drawing inspiration from this once magnificent city, MÉRV was created to harness the power of nature to create effective skincare.

Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC, MÉRV’s products are formulated with the highest quality, natural ingredients to give you healthy, glowing skin. Each product in their line is produced with science-backed ingredients that replenish and nourish the skin while minimizing environmental harm. Embedded in the heart of each product is the brand’s mission to leverage nature’s powerful ingredients to create effective products that celebrate a woman’s natural beauty. 


For Melissa, there have been so many facets to building her business that no matter how many degrees or years of industry experience she has gained, she still says she experiences the feeling of not knowing the definite answer. When asked how to combat the fear of the unknown, Melissa says; “All you can do is trust yourself. One of the biggest challenges I have had to overcome has been self-doubt. There have been countless times where I asked myself ‘Is this the right way to do it?’”.  

Building a network of female entrepreneurs and leaning on their shared experiences and expertise has allowed Melissa to overcome many entrepreneurial obstacles since her company’s inception. She credits leveraging the wisdom of other women in similar positions for giving her the confidence boost needed to propel her business forward. 

Familiar to the struggles and self-doubt associated with entrepreneurship, Melissa has this to say to aspiring entrepreneurs; “Don’t sell yourself short and always keep the end goal in mind when things get tough. Women have a tendency to assume that speaking positively about their achievements is bragging. Be confident and comfortable talking about your accomplishments and strengths. You have goals and dreams and you will eventually get there, but always be proud of yourself and your achievements along the way!”

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December 23, 2020