Misiyo Candle Co. is a company that goes beyond candle-making to transform the lives of those in need while bringing warmth and relaxation to its customers. 




The idea behind Misiyo began nine years before the brand’s inception during Sherah’s first trip to Rwanda. “I’ve had a serious case of wanderlust since graduating high school and have travelled to about forty countries to date. My first trip to Rwanda in 2010 was life-changing and a piece of my heart never left.”


Combining their love for candles and a desire to help the country they hold close to their hearts, Sherah and her husband Shelby set out to create clean, sustainable and socially conscious candles with a portion of proceeds going back into the community they love dearly. Misiyo Candle Co. was born from this passion in November of 2019. 



As Sherah and Shelby explain, Misiyo translates to ‘Mission’ in Kinyarwanda, the national language of Rwanda. They chose this fitting name because of the purpose behind the candles they handcraft. Every candle made gives back by providing health insurance to local communities. Over months of extended visits and many Skype phone calls, Sherah and Shelby have been able to support the work of dear friends James and Jackie and their non-profit organization, The River. With each purchase, their customers are actively changing lives while enjoying something beautiful in their own homes.




Through their entrepreneurial venture, Sherah and Shelby learned that creating the perfect natural candle was not a simple feat. They worked tirelessly in their kitchen to create a unique wax blend, beginning with a pound of local beeswax and some mason jars. As months passed, many test batches were created to finally perfect a recipe they are extremely proud of and excited to share with their customers today. 


Working solely with local beeswax and sustainable coconut wax was the pair’s steadfast mission to ensure their goal of producing clean, luxurious and long-burning candles. In their production, they do not use any other types of waxes or additives, something they quickly learned was used in many of the ‘natural’ candles out on the market without being labelled. 




By sourcing their beeswax from the honey producers’ Co-op in Alberta, they support Canadian beekeepers while keeping their supply chain local. In addition to this, Misiyo shares with the world the incredible benefits of beeswax as a candle base. Because it is used in its natural form (just filtered, that’s it!), it’s the cleanest-burning wax on the market. It has also been shown to release negative ions into the air while burning, neutralizing odours and pollutants. Unlike other waxes, it is extremely long-burning, ensuring an extended life - especially if you are a candle lover like we are!


Coconut wax is also used in Misiyo’s candle formulations because of its ability to throw scent. Because of this addition, you get a noticeable but subtle fragrance while burning. It is also much more sustainable than other vegetable waxes on the market, using fewer resources to grow and process. This combination emits a flame colour in the sun’s spectrum, producing a warm, energizing, and comforting glow. 




Going the distance to produce a clean-burning base is not where Misiyo drew the line. They wanted to ensure that the ingredients used to create each of their unique scents were equally as clean. They use either phthalate-free fine fragrance oils or pure essential oils in all of their candles.


At Misiyo, they believe memory and scent have a powerful relationship. Their goal is to help you create seemingly ordinary moments into special ones by creating balance, peace and joy in your daily rituals. With each scent, they aim to bring bright, fresh and comforting aromas into the rooms we inhabit every day to help you feel refreshed and inspired to feel good and do good.



Their hope is that you feel refreshed and inspired to do good by creating cozy, relaxing and inviting spaces with the help of Misiyo candles. 

Click here to learn more about Misiyo Cande Co. and their humanitarian partnership with The River. 

October 21, 2021