MYLK Skincare is a story about a mother's desire to provide clean, healthy baby products with integrity. Following the birth of her son, MYLK founder Lori was balancing the magic and bliss of becoming a new mom with the sometimes overwhelming and exhausting stress of motherhood. 




Having always led a predominantly organic and healthy lifestyle, one thing she noticed right away was the lack of transparency and the amount of greenwashing taking place in the baby food and personal care space. A number of the products deemed "safe" for sale included many toxic ingredients, most of which she wouldn't consume or use on herself, let alone her newborn. 


After extensive research for her own knowledge and the growing needs of her family, she decided to share her findings and educate other parents. Having first launched The YumiMumi, an online destination for safe and effective baby food, formula, and supplements; she quickly realized a lack of luxury, organic skincare products for both mom and babe that did more than smell nice. She wanted to make available products with purpose.




Enter MYLK Skincare, an apothecary wellness line providing clean and organic essentials targeted toward protecting a baby's new skin and healing a mother's postpartum body. MYLK Skincare supports extra-sensitive skin with carefully chosen ingredients that are high in nutrients and minerals, with formulas made in small batches in Canada. Feeling as though the importance of simplicity and the healing powers of organic herbs and oils was getting lost in skincare, Lori established MYLK Skincare with the following goals in mind: 


To create products that go much deeper than just the skin's surface.


With deeply hydrating oils and butters, MYLK Skincare penetrates through the skin to nourish more than just the epidermis's surface to deliver products that immediately provide maximum results. 


To make available a line of post-birth essentials carefully blended to help heal and soothe a postpartum body.


Their mission is to provide a new mom with the confidence in knowing that the products she is using are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding and make her feel like her sexy, pre-pregnancy self. 




Lori is a real mom who understands how overwhelming parenthood can be. MYLK's Mom + Baby Skincare provides essentials to help take the guesswork out of choosing safe and effective skincare products suitable for all life stages and naturally good for the whole family. 




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April 29, 2022