2020, more than any other year, has led many of us to take stock of our surroundings and thoughtfully consider what brings us joy. For the husband and wife duo at the heart of Rekindle, Devin and Natalie, this guiding principle is embedded within everything they do.

Founded in 2014, Rekindle was built on the notion that our homes are where we enjoy some of our most cherished moments with the people we love. They set out to produce functional, hand-crafted pieces that would be used to support the creation of fond memories within our spaces. Devin works in-studio as the lead designer while Natalie runs the operational side of their joint-business. 




Rekindle is guided by three main principles to help them in promoting sustainability. These are centred around durability, longevity, and simplicity. Handcrafting their products in their studio in Chatham, Ontario, they source from local suppliers and purposefully choose materials to create finished products that age gracefully. Wood and brass are the focal points of their product line, which are also complemented by the use of ceramics, like porcelain, and metals, like aluminum and steel.  Each chosen because of their reputation for developing their own unique patina, weathering beautifully and getting better with the passage of time. 


“When you love what you own, you will care for it and not throw it away to replace it with something new”. - Devin Schaffner

Their passion for wood is evident in their processes. Each piece is handmade to order and finished with food-safe hard oil, promoting longevity while also complementing the final look and feel of the product. Using only genuine hardwoods of Walnut and White Oak from North America, all of Rekindle’s materials are sourced responsibly. Because they have less distance to travel to their workshop, their ecological footprint is significantly reduced. 




Rekindle understands that with the production of any item, there is an environmental cost associated. Their biggest challenge as a brand with a priority on a small footprint is finding the balance between utilizing the right resources most effectively and educating their customers on the importance of cherishing the uniqueness of their products. They relish facing this task head-on with everything they create, finding the educational experience along the way very gratifying.

Working to create pieces that one keeps with them forever is the biggest reward for Devin. As he puts it; “when you love what you own, you will care for it and not throw it away to replace it with something new”. It is with this drive that Rekindle is able to create beautiful objects with the hope of creating lasting memories while helping to care for our planet.

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January 15, 2021