Nitasha’s journey to creating her own skincare line and growing her loyal following has been one filled with learning, listening, and pivoting. Here we describe how the changing landscape of her life and business led her to what we now know as The Cure. 

We’re big believers in the concept that every moment and lesson in life is a stepping stone, getting us closer to the place we are meant to be. It is through the ups and downs of life that we gather learnings and discover our true passion and calling. 

For the Cure Apothecary’s Nitasha Goel, a love for natural skincare had been brewing for nearly a decade. The journey to starting her line of wholly natural, effective skincare began in Toronto where her passion brought her to opening a retail store in the bustling neighbourhood of Queen West. Having previously worked in fashion planning and procurement, Nitasha was no stranger to the workings of brick and mortar retail. It was by marrying her experience with her passion for clean beauty, that The Cure Apothecary was born. The inspiration behind The Cure was to help people find beauty products that are simple and natural, yet extremely effective. 

Having always committed herself fully to business and craft, Nitasha has prioritized continuous learning through her dedication to expanding her knowledge and understanding in the clean beauty space. While operating her retail store in Toronto, she made it her mission to be present and to listen to each of her customers on what they wanted out of their skincare. This curiosity was fueled by the desire to curate a store with some of the best natural skincare products on the market. Love and fate brought her to the decision to close up shop in 2018 and move to Nova Scotia, but this wasn’t the end for The Cure. She had no idea what the future would hold or what her brand would look like, but she knew something bigger was to come. 




With an arsenal of knowledge and determination, Nitasha pivoted into launching her own skincare line. She now had an outlet for all the knowledge she worked tirelessly to accumulate back in Toronto. Nitasha has always been a big believer that the products you use should not mask your true beauty beneath. She made sure to embed this thinking into the DNA of her brand with the following ethos; “We take pride in what we put out in the world. If we wouldn't use it neither should you.” Each of her handmade products has been created with the philosophy that ingredients should be chosen for their functionality and purpose as the primary focus and should shine. 

It’s not hard to love her gender-fluid product line. Suited for all skin types and safe to use for the entire family, The Cure has managed to create both at-home essentials and gift-giving staples. 

“We take pride in what we put out in the world. If we wouldn't use it neither should you.”

The-Cure-Apothecary-Product-Line-Range-Cuticle-Oil-Face + Neck Mask-Body Whip-Face + Neck Serum


Having always appreciated like-valued skincare brands, Nitasha continues to promote the use of her products in conjunction with brands she admires to fill the gaps and needs of her customer’s skincare routines. Just as she did in her retail store, Nitasha continues to bring the same raw and real energy to her product lines and community. 

Having learned, listened, and adapted to the changes in her surroundings and circumstance, Nitasha advises this to the next generation of entrepreneurs: “Learning to pivot is key. No business ever stays the same from beginning to end. Follow your heart and dreams. Hard work and the will to make it happen is all you need.”

In the case of The Cure, the journey to today has been filled with many highs and lows. It is by keeping her sights on her dreams and constantly learning from her environment that she has reached this current stage in her evolution. With a heart and perseverance like hers, we are inspired by Nitasha’s resilience and commitment to her community. 


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October 21, 2020