The art of dry brushing has existed for centuries, promoting skin regeneration and health through a ritual that can greatly improve the vitality of our skin. Pioneered by Ancient Egyptians, the art of dry brushing has lived on for thousands of years and has been used by almost all historical civilizations. 

Our skin is our barrier between our inner well-being and the outside world. Taking care of our largest organ has so many overall health benefits, so it’s no surprise it has quickly become a connection between daily ritual and self-care for many.

Daily dry brushing is a simple and affordable way to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. It works at a deeper level to stimulate circulation and blood flow, providing the ultimate benefits for our epidermis. It also helps to eliminate toxin build up on the surface of the skin to increase lymphatic drainage. 

There have been many types of brushes used in this ancient ritual such as raw silk, linen, and dried fibres. Most commonly, the use of a natural bristle brush has been used to generate these restorative results. 


So what are the major benefits of dry brushing?

Among many benefits, dry brushing is an excellent way to soften the skins appearance, improve the look and feel of dry skin,  to tone and sculpt, promote drainage of the lymphatic system, and to ward off breakouts.  

Soften & Stimulates Skin:

Dry brushing gently removes dead skin cells, helping with cellular turnover. The stimulation helps to improve the look of dark circles and puffiness. It rejuvenates tired skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Body-based dry brushing can also prevent ingrown hairs. 

Toning & Sculpting:

There are muscles and tissue below the skin’s surface that greatly benefit from the motions of dry brushing. Performing a dry brushing ritual boosts circulation to awaken tired skin to create a lifting effect.  

Curtail Cellulite:

There are a multitude of components that contribute to the formation of cellulite. Circulation insufficiencies, a clogged vascular system, collagen and connective tissue breakdown, and genetics are just a few examples of contributing factors. There are no quick fixes for complex issues like cellulite but there are things you can do to minimize the appearance. One of those being dry brushing.


Dry brushing helps to detoxify skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage while unclogging pores. This is particularly beneficial for cystic acne, which is characterized by painful, breakouts deep in the skin. The act of dry brushing helps to clear congestion which in turn, reduces swelling and promotes healing.  

Dry brushing can become an incredible tool in your beauty routine as a two-minute daily ritual. Ideally performed in the morning, it is recommended to dry brush on clean, dry skin prior to washing your face, or all over the body just before a bath or shower. Incorporating this technique as part of your morning routine while drinking your morning coffee or reading the news is an excellent way to activate your lymphatic system and awaken the skin to kick-start the day with your best face forward!

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November 03, 2020
Tags: Tip Tuesday