If you’re into natural skincare routines, you may have already heard of oil cleansers. These alternatives to traditional detergent, soap, or water-based face washes have become increasingly popular among the beauty and natural skincare community. 

Traditional cleansers can be harsh on the skin, causing excess dryness and irritation. When this happens, the skin can begin overproducing oil to regain balance. This additional oil production can exacerbate acne and could be the culprit for that mid-afternoon forehead blot!

It may seem strange at first and some may find using oils to cleanse your skin somewhat counterintuitive, but the benefits of using natural oils versus drying detergents can help alleviate some of the most common skin concerns. 


For oily & acne-prone skin

Using an oil cleanser is an excellent way to soothe sensitive skin while also taming breakout-prone complexions. 

Why? Because it protects our natural barrier, leaving behind healthy bacteria that has been proven to be a necessary part of our microbiome. This helps to protect against infection from acne and other common skin irritations. 

Oil cleansers, such as the EVRĒDĀ Oiliness & Breakouts cleansing oil, have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial oils; including pumpkin seed, jojoba, and tea tree. These help to clear acne and blackhead-inducing buildup from congested pores without stripping, allowing the skin to heal itself. 

For fighting dry and sensitive skin

While moisturizing seems like the most obvious solution for dry skin, choosing the right cleanser is the best first step to avoid the irritations that can come from washing your face. Individuals with extremely dry skin types should look for an oil cleanser that contains nourishing oils like camellia, olive, or jojoba; while avoiding drying oils such as lemon, tea tree or grapefruit.


For removing stubborn makeup

Using an oil cleanser is an excellent way to remove makeup and wash away dirt and oils from the day. Many makeup removers use oils in their formulas to help lift makeup and gently remove its residue. 

This Province Apothecary Oil is blended with a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins A, E, and omega-3 to gently but thoroughly remove dirt, makeup, and pollution without disrupting the natural pH of your skin.


So how does oil cleansing work? 

Cleansing has been ingrained in our minds as the act of cleaning the face with a foamy lather. The process of cleaning looks (and feels!) a little differently with oil cleansers but using natural and pure oils to clean the skin accomplishes many benefits:  

  • They remove excess sebum that is produced by the oil glands in the skin, helping to clear clogged pores. 
  • Filled with skin-loving nutrients, they clean without the harsh, drying, and irritating effects of traditional cleansers. 
  • They easily lift makeup and other pollutants, including waterproof products. 

The process of cleansing with a pure oil cleanser can look different based on one’s preferences. Oil cleansers can be applied to dry or damp skin. We enjoy starting on dry skin and adding a bit of moisture after the fact! When massaging the oil onto the skin, use the fingertips to apply in a gentle, circular motion. Complete your cleanse by using a warm washcloth over your entire face to melt the cleanser and remove any excess oil. Follow with your typical skincare routine. We always follow up with our favorite toner and face serum combo. 

You can also follow your oil cleanse with a gentle face wash if you wish to remove any excess oil residue. This is referred to as double cleansing, and while not necessary, it’s super helpful when removing makeup. Double cleansing has become less of an indie beauty ritual and much more mainstream. 

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December 14, 2020