Gift from our beautiful line of naturally scented aromatherapy candles & incense. Perfect for mom’s who love hygge and never have a candle far from reach.


Lavender Tree Co Terra Collective Build Your Own Soy Wax Candle Bundle
NO. 1

Build Your Own Soy Wax Candle Bundle

Build your own custom bundle of 2 organic, natural soy wax candles for mom this Mother’s Day.

Lavender Tree.Co's delicately scented candles are made with non‑toxic ingredients and are hand‑poured in recycled glass jars.

Choose 2 scents from:

🌿 Efflorescence: Named after the process of a flower unfolding and blossoming, this scent is a fresh and uplifting combination of yellow lotus, honey, sea salt, honeydew, magnolia and sandalwood.

🌿 Dreamer: Transport yourself onto cloud 9 with this luxurious and decadent blend of tobacco, dark honey, and a hint of french vanilla.

🌿 Eucalyptus & Lavender: Restore and uplift your spirit with the calming aromas of french lavender combined with energizing notes of fresh eucalyptus.

🌿 Morning Dew: A bestseller, this natural soy wax candle combines an uplifting blend of soft floral undertones with juicy citrus and a hint of pine & musk, reminiscent of a fresh spring morning in the woods.

🌿 Walk Through the Garden: Escape to a lush, green garden with this combination of fresh‑cut basil, juicy lemon, green olive. Topped off with a hint of amber & musk for an added layer of sophistication.

 MISIYO Terra Collective Cozy Nights Essential Oil Candle

NO. 2

Cozy Nights Essential Oil Candle

The perfect candle for snug, cozy nights at home. Its woodsy cedarwood scent is a beautiful blend of spicy and warm notes.

🌿 MISIYO candles are artisan‑made with Canadian beeswax and pure coconut wax to burns longer, cleaner and more evenly, providing the perfect aesthetic and fragrance addition to any space!

🌿 When burned, beeswax candles are air‑purifying, helping to reduce other odours and pollutants in your space.

🌿 Every 6oz candle sold gives TWO MONTHS of health insurance to someone in need in Rwanda.

 The Bare Home Lets Stay Home Coconut Soy Wax Candle Terra Collective

NO. 3

Let's Stay Home | Coconut + Soy Wax Candle

What mom wouldn’t enjoy a night at home with this beautiful blend of Orange, Grapefruit, Black Spruce, and Geranium.

🌿 This candle combines the citrus scents of orange and grapefruit with warming notes of black spruce and geranium for a rounded, elegant scent.

🌿 The Bare Home candles are hand‑poured with a blend of ethically sourced coconut and soy wax.

🌿 Scented with essential oils, they are finished with cotton‑cored non‑toxic wicks.

🌿 50+ hours of clean burn time

 Sandi Collection Vanilla Amber Soy Wax Candle Terra Collective

NO. 4

Vanilla + Amber Soy Wax Candle

Gift indulgence with this deeply aromatic fragrance containing notes of creamy vanilla and musky amber. A rich and intoxicating blend, this candle will fill the home with scents of baked goods and pure bliss.

🌿 SANDI Collection is a small‑batch, Toronto‑based candle producer
🌿 Premium hand‑poured soy wax
🌿 30‑40 hours of clean burn time
🌿 Scented with essential oils
🌿 Paraben‑free and phthalate‑free fragrances
🌿 Cotton and lead‑free wicks

 Province Apothecary Lavender Hand Infused Essential Oil Incense

NO. 5

Lavender Hand Infused Essential Oil Incense

For moms who love incense and their promotion of deep breathing & a sense of calm.

🌿 Province Apothecary’s calming & relaxing Lavender hand‑infused essential oil incense lifts tension and instills calm, like a fragrant lavender field in the middle of summer.

🌿 These charcoal incenses are hand‑infused with pure essential oils to bring effortless aromatherapy to your daily space.

🌿 Province Apothecary's incenses are always free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

🌿 Includes 20 Lavender Incense Sticks