Ready to delight your mom with bath products that will become her new staples? 🛀

We’ve compiled a list of pampering products that will be sure to give your mom some time to soothe, restore, and relax in and out of the tub.


Terra Collective Solful Organics Tub Teas


NO. 1

Tub Teas

Help your mom take her bath‑time self‑care routine to the next level with Solful Organic's luxurious line of Tub Teas. Created from all‑natural, plant‑based ingredients without the use of artificial fragrance, these tub teas are formulated with effective, skin‑nourishing ingredients and soft scent profiles. 

🌿 Cheer ‑ Refreshing Tub Tea. A cheerful blend of citrus, vanilla and calendula petals to uplift her day.

🌿 Serenity ‑ Calming Tub Tea. A relaxing blend of lavender petals, Epsom salts and magnesium flakes to help her unwind after a long day.

🌿 Passion ‑ Reviving Tub Tea. A romantic blend of organic rose petals and essential oils is perfect for a self‑care night in the tub.

🌿 Detox ‑ Cleansing Tub Tea. Detoxifies the body and mind with this powerful blend of lemon, peppermint, ginger, and deep‑sea veggies, loaded with natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Terra Collective Gold Apothecary Bath Salts Mini Trio
NO. 2

Bath Salts Mini Trio

Bath‑loving mamas will love the Gold Apothecary Bath Salts Mini Trio. These 100% natural, hand‑poured premium dead sea salts are fragranced with the brand’s signature scents, sure to complement any bath & mood.

Each soak in the trio comes in a 4 oz. glass bottle, making them the perfect addition for travel & at‑home use. Scents include:

🌿 Sweet Bergamot | Gold Apothecary’s signature scent. Containing notes of bergamot and sweet orange with a touch of rose petal.

🌿 Citrus Eucalyptus | An invigorating and fresh blend containing grapefruit and eucalyptus fragrance notes.

🌿 Lavender Fields | Deeply relaxing, perfect for pre‑bedtime unwinding. Features notes of french lavender and infused chamomile.

 Pampas and Reed Terra Collective Essentials Box

NO. 3

The Essentials Box

Build your own bath‑time & post care ritual kit for mom this Mother’s Day. The Essentials box allows you to select two nourishing body scrubs & complementary body cream for soft & supple skin.

Each scrub and cream is blended with botanical & herb‑infused organic oil for a minimum of four weeks before being filtered and incorporated into the final product. The results? A premium line of body products that will nourish the skin & leave your mom glowing.

Select two body scrubs from:
🌿 Forest ‑ an earthy scent infused with fir, rosemary, cedar and patchouli essential oils
🌿 Rose ‑ contains rose ingredients to help reduce redness
🌿 Grapefruit ‑ this citrusy scent will leave your skin feeling invigorated and refreshed
🌿 Lemon ‑ contains poppy seeds and lemon zest to promote cell regeneration

Select one body cream from:
🌿 Amaranth ‑ contains Cupuacu butter. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A, B and C to help restore elasticity
🌿 Lagurus ‑ this ultra light formula utilizes rosemary extract, hemp seed oil and hemp seed butter to nourish skin
🌿 Gypso ‑ florally‑scented from its combination of orange and ylang ylang essential oils. Formulated with Carrot Tissue Oil, Mango Butter and Rice Bran oil
🌿 Phalaris ‑ unscented, containing a potent blend of organic herbs beneficial to the treatment of extremely dry skin, with anti‑inflammatory properties


Province Apothecary Radiant Bath and Body Oil Terra Collective 

NO. 4

Radiant Bath + Body Oil

The perfect gift for in & out of the tub. This alluring bath and body oil combines a rich blend of moisturizing plant oils, leaving skin smooth and glowing.

It absorbs quickly to soften, nourish, and revitalize all skin types. An invigorating essential oil blend will awaken and empower your mom’s spirit while leaving her skin feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

A perfect complement to her dry brushing routine or when used on its own on damp skin.