Movement & restorative essentials that are perfect for the mom on the go. This curated assortment of gifts are good for her and the planet!



NO. 1

Fit From Home Bundle

Training from home has never been easier with the Fit From Home Bundle. The perfect gift for mom’s on the go, this bundle features 

🌼 B Yoga's signature Build Bands with two resistances ‑ Light & Medium, for strength and resistance training from anywhere

🌼 Onyx insulated water bottle.  A stainless steel interior with a rubber‑coated outer layer for a soft, suede feel to the touch

🌼 Hand & face towel in Vintage Waffle. Made in Turkey from 100% cotton, this towel is absorbent and packed with style and versatility

Step up her fitness game with style and convenience!  



NO. 2

Natural Cork Yoga Block

Give the gift of comfort, stability and support for her movement practice. The Natural Cork Yoga Block is perfect for yoga or as a prop for an at‑home workout. 

🌼 Sturdy and strong support 

🌼 Weighted for stability and 

🌼 Built to last with this sustainable cork

 This block can be used on its own or as a pair to suit all the ways Mom moves! 



NO. 3

Release Cork Roller

The Release Roller targets major muscle groups of the body to relieve tension and soreness. This strong, stable roller speeds up post‑workout recovery by:

🌼 Minimizing stress in the body

🌼 Elongating muscles 

🌼 Relieving tightness

Cork is both a natural and sustainable material. With its beautiful texture, she won't want to tuck this restorative tool away post‑practice! 


NO. 4

The B Mat Impact

The B MAT Impact is a versatile and durable mat for her to use where and how she needs it! Made for dynamic, high‑impact workouts or for ultimate comfort and support during floor exercise & stretches. 

🌼 Designed for both indoors or outside

🌼 With or without running shoes 

🌼 For use on any floor surface

Created from 100% complex NBR foam for a superior level of support and crafted with a bevelled edge and ribbed texture for unrivalled comfort!



NO. 5

The Cleanser | Lavender

Round out the perfect gift for mom with the soothing aroma of the Lavender Cleanser. Created to protect her movement essentials with a soothing mix containing natural cleaning and disinfecting ingredients to keep her yoga mats, blocks and workout equipment free from germs and bacteria. 

🌼 Biodegradable

🌼 Paraben and toxin‑free

🌼 Reusable stainless steel bottle

Durability and convenience she can feel good about, made with love in Canada.