Want to help add some new staples to your mom’s mindfulness practice? See our guide below for additions she’ll love. All brands listed are Canadian‑made and women‑led.
Terra Collective Halfmoon Linen Mod Meditation Pillow
NO. 1

Linen Mod Meditation Pillow

This meditation pillow is not only stylishly handcrafted with premium linen (perk: it’s 100% biodegradable too!), it will help your mom achieve achieve a comfortable & superior meditation.

Meditation pillows help provide enough height while seated to allow your hips to soften and relax. Its modern design will look beautiful in your mom’s home or when brought to a studio practice. Comes in Natural Linen & Fig Linen colours.

Terra Collective Province Apothecary Uplift Wellness Roll On
NO. 2

Uplift Wellness Roll‑On

Perfect for moms who could use a little breather in their day. Province Apothecary’s Uplift wellness roll‑on helps boost & reenergize mood with its added aromatherapeutic benefits.

🌿 Scented with Bergamot, Geranium, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine.

Apply to wrists, temples, and back of your neck to breathe in this uplifting blend.

Halfmoon Hammered Brass Singing Bowl Terra Collective

NO. 3

Hammered Brass Singing Bowl 4"

Perfect for mom’s who are looking to enhance their meditation or yoga practice through the calming effect of sound therapy.

Hand‑hammered in Nepal, this singing bowl fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to help her achieve mindfulness and healing anywhere she goes. Additionally comes with a handmade 100% New Zealand wool cushion ring.

Each singing bowl is produced in conjunction with social programs available for the makers and their communities.

 Halfmoon Melange Cotton Yoga Blanket Terra Collective

NO. 4

Melange Cotton Yoga Blanket

The perfect gift for any mom, this versatile and multi‑tasking blanket was created for both movement and relaxation.

Hand‑loomed in India, this lightweight blanket provides gentle cushioning, support, or warmth depending on use and needs. The versatile design can be rolled and used as a bolster or folded to add height like a block or cushion during yoga, or use it for luxurious comfort and warmth lounging on the couch.

A trendy addition to her bed or sofa when not in use, the Melange Cotton Yoga Blanket is inspired by desert landscapes and the beautiful mixture of tones and hues that come from the earth, sand, and sky.