There are so many questions to answer when going through a first pregnancy. Can I still eat this? Can I still use this serum? Is this safe for the baby? As a first-time, soon-to-be mom, I experienced my fair share of this. Google can be a scary place, and there is a lot of information out there to create enough fear-mongering for a type-A like myself. 

At the top of my priority list was to cut out any ingredients and products that were absolutely on the do not fly list. Retinols were common in my pre-pregnancy routine, and this ingredient was the first to go!

In addition, I wanted to incorporate nourishing products into my skincare regimen that would help my body adapt to the significant changes it was about to undergo. Increased hormones, stretching, dryness, and muscle soreness were all new and emerging symptoms of this very exciting chapter. 

I’ve rounded up some tried and true products that took the guesswork out of my skincare, body care and wellness routines. These essentials helped me feel good throughout my journey.  

For skin 


1. Province Apothecary Invigorating + Balancing Toner

    Province Apothecary's Invigorating and Balancing Toner is a cooling, floral essence-based toner. A vital part of my everyday skincare routine pre-pregnancy, I was relieved to learn I could still use it after the big news. Province Apothecary considers it part of its group one products, with 1% essential oil or less, meaning it has a safe amount of essential oils for use in pregnancy. 

    The benefit of this toner is that It helps rebalance the pH of my skin after cleansing while providing a refreshing and soothing sensation. I have always noticed a massive difference in my serums' efficacy after this toner, making this facial spray a staple item for me! 

    2. Province Apothecary Clear Skin Advanced Serum 

    Pregnancy definitely changed my skin. I noticed many more breakouts that lingered and continued to come back with all the extra hormones. Province Apothecary’s Clear Skin Advance Serum helped with keeping my problem skin at bay without the use of harsh chemicals. 

    Also part of its group one products, I was comforted to know that it was safe to continue to use after I became pregnant.

    3. Amandine Sol Botanicals Serum

    This serum is everything. 

    ASB’s serum is thoughtfully designed to give you the biggest boost of skin nutrients with one single product. With 17 active natural botanicals and essential oils, it penetrates the skin to hydrate, brighten, and smooth the complexion to reveal glowing skin. I instantly noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin after reintroducing this product into my routine late in my second trimester (see post-pregnancy breakouts above). 

    I would apply a few drops to create glowing skin for my daytime routine. I would use Inner Glow at night as the last step to help heal and clear dark spots.

    For Body 


    4. Birch Babe Whipped Body Butter - Warm Vanilla Essence 

    Let’s face it—pregnancy equals stretching, and stretching equals dryness. Birch Babe’s Whipped Body Butter was a welcome addition to my bedtime routine to ward off that itchy belly feeling. I leave it on my nightstand for those pre-tuck-in hand and belly moisturizing sessions. This stuff seriously smells like a deliciously warm vanilla cupcake. It is so nourishing and absorbs quickly, so you aren’t left feeling greasy. 

    5. Minimal Llama’s Superfood Soap Bars

    These bars leave me feeling good about cleansing with gentle, all-natural ingredients while eliminating single-use plastics from my shower routine—a true win-win!  They lather beautifully and are wrapped in seeded card paper that you can plant in soil to grow wildflowers. With different scents to choose from, I love that I can switch it up to match my mood. 

    6. Minimal Llama’s Liberate the Llama Deodorant Bar & Shala Dish

    I swear by this deodorant bar. 

    It is convenient to apply and leaves no sticky residue on your hands which was a primary concern when switching to a package-free deo option. It also comes with a great pouch for travel and an optional shala dish to store your bar on your bathroom counter, in your cabinet or away in a drawer. MOST OF ALL, it combats odour exactly as promised. 

    This highly effective, mineral-based deodorant bar glides on smooth to neutralize odour-causing bacteria, all while absorbing moisture throughout the day. Having never really experienced bad body odour, I noticed a greater need for an effective deodorant after pregnancy. All those additional hormones mean I needed something that worked and this. is. it. 

    For Movement  

    Pregnancy comes with a whole new set of aches and pains. It is common to get backache or back pain during pregnancy, especially in the early stages, as the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This can strain the joints of your lower back and pelvis. 

    Staying active and stretching were both keys to staving off back pain during my entire pregnancy. Not a flexible person by nature, it took some working up to, but the reward of a better sleep (without hip pain) and a day without lower backaches were well worth it. 

    Barre & prenatal yoga classes from the comfort of my living room were an essential part of my weekly routine, and having the right equipment was key to ensuring I didn't overextend myself. Below are some of the most-used items that helped keep me moving during my pregnancy:

    7. B Yoga B Mat Cork

    Not only is this mat super grippy and comfortable, but it is genuinely so beautiful. It’s one of those items I didn’t feel I needed to hide away after my workout, making it ideal when space is limited. 

    8. B Yoga Practice Blanket 

    A comfortable blanket is essential to support you where you need it while doing floor work. This blanket offered excellent support for my knees in a tabletop position, my sits bones when seated, or between my knees in savasana. 

    B Yoga is known for making modern, versatile workout essentials, and this blanket is no exception. Because of its beautiful aesthetic, it made the easy transition from sofa throw blanket to yoga prop.

    9. The Cork Block

    The Cork Black was essential for prenatal yoga, helping me to find comfortable poses. It pairs beautifully with the Cork Mat for a beautiful workout corner, too, which doesn't hurt! They say pregnancy makes you more flexible but I can assure you, I still struggle in this department. 

    Living through this first pregnancy has shown me how incredibly adaptable our bodies are. It is amazing what we women can do—we grow an entirely new life inside us for nearly a year! No matter what stage you are at in your journey, the most important thing to remember is to do what feels good. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, and remember, take care of yourself—you deserve it!

    March 17, 2022