.eluo. Latin: to cleanse, clean.

Eluo is a brand born out of the desire to change the conversation around beauty and self-care. The act of cleansing itself is more than just a routine, but a way to dedicate time to oneself. With this in mind, they have created a line of multi-purpose powder formulas to elevate one’s daily rituals. 

The masks can be used one of two ways:

  • As an exfoliating facial polish
  • Or as a deep cleansing facial mask 

Each application, different in its purpose, has been carefully considered so as to engage the senses and leave skin feeling purified. Each powder blend has been formulated to target specific skin concerns from soothing Floris, to balancing Viridi, and hydrating Rosea

The Eluo Powder formulas each come in a beautiful apothecary bottle that is meant to be re-used. Each bottle contains enough powder to mix 4-6 masks or 10-12 facial polish mixtures to indulge the skin. 

To use as an exfoliating polish

Step 1: Portion - Place 1 tbsp of the exfoliating mask into a small bowl or the palm of your hand.

Step 2: Activate - Gradually add a few drops of water or facial cleanser to form a soft, grainy paste.

Step 3: Apply - Using your fingertips, gently massage the exfoliating mask in a circular motion over clean, damp skin. 

Step 4: Rinse - Gently remove with warm water. Pat dry.  

To use as a deep cleansing facial mask:

Step 1: Portion - Measure 1 tbsp of exfoliating mask powder into a small bowl. 

Step 2: Activate - Slowly add a small amount of water to form a rich, mousse consistency. 

Tip: To create a customized mask blend, add one of the recommended activators of your choice.

Step 3: Apply - Using a brush or your fingertips, gently smooth the mask over clean, damp skin. Relax and enjoy the sensory experience for 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse - Rehydrate the mask for easy removal or use a warm damp cloth. Follow with a clean towel to pat dry.  

Custom Face Mask Activators: 

In order to customize your ritual to your skin’s specific needs, the following ingredients can be added to activate your Eluo powder blend: 

For a calming blend:

  • Fresh aloe vera 
  • Cucumber juice or hydrosol
  • Chamomile tea, steeped and cooled

For a clarifying blend:

  • Raw honey
  • Raw apple cider vinegar 
  • Green tea, steeped and cooled

For a hydrating blend:

  • Plant-based face oil 
  • Plain yogurt
  • Floral hydrosol
Videos courtesy of Eluo Beauty