Whether this Valentine’s Day is a me-day or a we-day, we hope you are able to prioritize loving yourself and treating your body and mind with kindness. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite products you can indulge in solo or with a partner this upcoming holiday. 


Indulge in a face mask 

There is nothing more relaxing than a refreshing face mask. Face masks can greatly improve specific skincare concerns through their ability to hydrate skin, exfoliate, remove excess oil or help improve the appearance of pores. They can also provide a spa-like facial experience in the comfort of your own home. After purifying your skin, follow up with a serum for the ultimate indulgence! 

Looking to experience a spa-like facial from home? We recommend:

Forma Floris Soothing Clay Mask: Perfect for those looking to soothe redness and irritation. Nourishes sensitive skin and promotes regeneration.

Forma Viridi Balancing Clay Mask: Ideal for those looking to clarify pores, soothe texture, promote regeneration, and prevent future breakouts.

Forma Rosea Hydrating Clay Mask: Excellent for those looking to hydrate, brighten skin tone, smooth texture, and promote regeneration.

Follow it up with Amandine Sol Botanicals Dew Dream Spray Serum or  Embody Apothecary’s Botanical Facial Serum to complete your treatment!


Enjoy a restful bath 

Discover ultimate tranquillity by drawing a relaxing bath. Did you know that your skin releases endorphins in response to soothing warm water? Whether you're a bath salt, bath soak, or bath tea kind of person, there are endless scent combinations and bath enhancers to choose from. 


Looking to elevate your baths? We recommend:

Gold Apothecary Bath Salts: Available in scents like Lavender Fields, Citrus Eucalyptus, and Sweet Bergamot.

Pampas & Reed Bath Soaks: Available in Botanics, Classic, Meadow, and Woodland  

Pampas & Reed Bath Teas: Curated to suit your needs with options like Soften, Restless, Relief, and Refresh

For a full bath experience: Lavender Tree.Co's Luxe Self-Love Bundle and Mini Self-Love Bundle make the perfect gift! There's even an option to add a personalized note. 



Give yourself (or your partner) a full body scrub down

Exfoliate away dry winter skin with an all-natural herbal infused body scrub. There are endless scent combinations and scrub intensities to choose from based on your preferences. 

Looking to achieve soft, supple skin? We recommend:

Pampas & Reed Scrubs which are available in scents like Lust, Lotus, Rose & Grapefruit

Want to lock in moisture post-scrub? We recommend Province Apothecary’s Radiant Body Oil 


Light a candle or incense stick 

Create a warming and therapeutic ambiance with your favourite candle or incense stick. No beauty ritual required. Just light and enjoy! 

Looking to create a cozy or romantic vibe at home? Our top aromatherapy picks include:

Lavender Tree.Co’s collection of warming and uplifting aromas like Eucalyptus & Lavender, Cabin Escape, Morning Dew, and Dreamer 

Province Apothecary’s essential oil-infused charcoal incense sticks: Available in scents like Cedarwood, Black Spruce & Fir, and Lavender



Apply an essential oil roll-on

Essential oils are great for promoting wellness, especially when applied directly to key pressure points. Areas like the wrists, temples, and the back of the neck are spots where your roll-ons can be applied for maximum therapeutic benefits. For immediate results, these roll-ons can be applied directly into the palm of your hands, rubbed together to warm the oils, and breathed in deeply. 

Roll into wellness with Province Apothecary’s restorative line, including: Uplift, Calm Down, and Sleep Well


Lather on a hair mask 

Whether you’re crafting your own from your kitchen or using your go-to product, hair masks take time to soak into your locks. What better time to do one than during your pre-planned TLC time? For great recipes, check BYRDIE’s list of top home hair masks that work! 

Connect with your body

A sensual massage or a simple back rub between you and your partner is one of the easiest ways to boost the romance in your relationship. A massage can not only strengthen the bond between a couple, but it also helps to reduce stress and increase intimacy.

Luxurious botanical oils don't need to be exclusively for couples - Lather up for some self-love or use them as an all-over body treatment to leave your skin feeling renewed and hydrated. 

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day? Why not try Province Apothecary’s best selling Lover’s Kit which includes a sensual massage oil and luxurious, all-natural sex oil. 



Prioritizing self-love, whether in a relationship or single, is especially important on Valentine’s day but should remain a focus beyond the holiday as well. Make sure to schedule some time to rest, connect with a friend or loved one, and most importantly take time to slow down and pamper yourself.