Forest + Spice Beeswax & Coconut Wax Candle



musky / warm /  light woods / spiced

With notes of fresh eucalyptus, aged teakwood, bamboo and sandalwood, this warm and woodsy candle is reminiscent of the great outdoors. Gently envelop your space with the memories of adventures past or new ones to come.

MISIYO gives back | Every 9oz candle sold gives SIX MONTHS of health insurance to someone in need in Rwanda.  

This artisan candle is made with Canadian beeswax and pure coconut wax and is scented with a clean-burning, phthalate-free fine fragrance oil blend.

When burned, beeswax candles are air-purifying, helping to reduce other odours and pollutants in your space. 

What's Included:

✔ 9oz candle in a beautiful amber jar with metal lid
✔ White-tipped wooden matches in an inspirational matchbox

    Size :

    9oz candle | 45+ hours of burn time 
    matchbox dimensions: 5.5 x 2.3 x 0.75 cm


    Canadian beeswax, pure coconut wax, phthalate-free fine fragrance oil blend, unbleached cotton + paper filament wick

    Customer Reviews

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    My all time favourite candle in existence

    Seriously, this candle is one of my favourite things I’ve ever purchased. This scent is unparalleled. You truly won’t find anything else that smells like this. If there was some way to wear this candle as a perfume, I would do it.