Meet Terra Collective, a company built on the foundation that we can help shape a better world by supporting brands that care.

In ancient mythology, Terra means goddess of the earth, or “Mother Earth.” Inspired by this deity and her principles, we have created a collective marketplace dedicated to the movement of empowering women and bettering the earth.

What makes Terra Collective different?

We take pride in our ability to source, and select brands we feel will resonate with our community. Each supports and shares our core values, meeting our high integrity, value and sustainability standards.

Through our due diligence, you can rest assured your dollars are supporting brands that take action to increase responsible consumerism and further the conversation on living sustainably.

Being entirely female-founded, we strongly believe in supporting the community of she-bosses around us and giving their entrepreneurial stories a voice. We hope that by sharing these stories with you, we can empower the next generation of women to invest in themselves and pursue their passions. 

Our Logo

Terra’s tea leaf embodies health, vitality, and healing. Each branch, unique in shape and size, harnesses the power and potency of this plant and represents the community of entrepreneurs that comprises our collective. The stem connecting each leaf symbolizes the energy center of Terra — a source of empowerment and growth for the brands and entrepreneurs we steward. 

How can I learn more about Terra Collective and its Brand Partners?

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