An Introduction to Terra Collective

Meet Terra Collective, a company built on the foundation that we can help shape a better world through supporting brands that care. In ancient mythology, Terra means goddess of the earth, or “Mother Earth”. Inspired by this deity and her principles, we have created a collective marketplace dedicated to the movement of empowering women and bettering the earth.

We are excited to welcome you into our community of thoughtful customers and brand partners alike. The concept of Terra Collective was born out of the idea that supporting eco-conscious, ethical, and female-led businesses needs to be more accessible. For discerning shoppers looking for holistic alternatives to mass retail chains, this is the marketplace for you! We partner with brands that champion sustainability and deliver high-quality products.

In the age of fast fashion, mass production, and oversized retailers, we can assure you that many amazing small to mid-sized businesses exist and can thrive with some well-deserved attention. Our goal is to bring them to the forefront. You have the power to bring actionable change by supporting brands that share in your values. We encourage you to read further about the businesses we stand behind in our upcoming blogs. We are certain you will feel as passionate about their product offerings and success as we do.

Who are the Founders of Terra?

Founded by friends, Terra Collective is an amalgamation of our passions, expertise and years of vast retail, merchandising, and marketing industry experience. We have harnessed our strengths in each of these sectors to work with brands who bring thoughtful products into the world. We believe that with their help and with the help of conscious shoppers like you, we can work towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

What is our Logo?

The Tea Leaf was chosen as our logo because it embodies health, vitality, and healing. The leaves also harness the power and potency of this particular plant. Each leaf, unique in shape and size, represents the community of entrepreneurs that comprises Terra. The stem connecting each leaf represents the energy center of Terra Collective - a source of empowerment and growth for the entrepreneurs Terra Collective represents.

What makes Terra Collective different?

We are a curated collective for a reason. We take pride in our ability to source and select brands we feel will resonate with our community. Each of our brand partners support and share in our core values. They are each vetted and must meet our standards of integrity, value, and sustainability with special consideration given to intersectional and female-led businesses. Through our due diligence, you can rest assured your dollars are supporting brands that take action to increase responsible consumerism and further the conversation on buying ethically sourced and eco-friendly products. 

Being entirely female-founded, we strongly believe in supporting the community of she bosses around us and giving their entrepreneurial stories a voice through our platform. We hope that by sharing these stories with you, we can empower the next generation of women to invest in themselves and pursue their passions. 

We also take pride in how we support our brand partners. It is our goal, as a collaborative partner, to ensure their growth and success online and beyond. We help emerging and well-established brands extend their online reach by connecting them with our community of entrepreneurs and providing them with marketplace support through our marketing initiatives.

We are honoured to actively contribute to grants that support female entrepreneurs. We are firm believers that the future is female and we can provide opportunities for women to pursue their passions in business. Proceeds on each purchase made through Terra Collective are donated directly to supporting women-led businesses.

How can I learn more about Terra Collective and its Brand Partners?

If what we mentioned in this article resonates with you, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest tips, trends, and insights on all things Home, Wellness, and Beauty. Here, you will also be privy to insights and additional information on our brand partners & founders. We are positive that you will learn something new and love what you discover!