At Terra Co., our mission is to provide our customers with a curated assortment of products and giftables that support our collective values. We strive to create a community that promotes socially responsible products, supports local businesses, and empowers the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help grow brand awareness for our partners while providing a unique and curated shopping experience for our customers.

    Shop With Care

    We partner with brands who take a natural approach to product creation. Along with championing sustainability, they deliver high-quality and effective products. Terra Collective promotes the support of local businesses by giving you insights into the 'who' and the 'why' behind each purpose-driven product line, curating an assortment of brands you can trust. 

    Empowering Women

    Terra Collective is humbled to work with an array of diverse brands that are owned and led by women. We strongly believe that supporting local, sustainable, and intersectional businesses is pivotal to strengthening economies and communities.

    By curating a selection of brands that support this ethos, we hope to assist discerning customers such as yourself discover brands that are making a difference.

    Ethically Sourced, Purpose-Driven

    We hand-select brands that are aligned with our values to take the guesswork out of shopping sustainably. You can rest assured that your dollars are supporting brands working tirelessly to create a better, healthier world.