Say good-bye to that tired matchbox and hello to Rekindle's Arenal Match Striker. Present matches beautifully with this minimalist, matte and contemporary design that will add dimension to any room. The convenient textured bottom can be used to light strike-anywhere matches. 


2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 3” 


Porcelain, Dishwasher safe. 

About Rekindle:

Designed and fabricated by a small group of craftspeople, Rekindle’s designs are grounded in beauty, simplicity, and longevity. Devin and Natalie, the founders, believe in creating products that are made to last. They value the creation of an emotional connection to encourage us to live with fewer and better things. Their environmental commitment starts with providing the highest quality products possible, never needing to be replaced for the duration of your lifetime. Their mission is to create cherished items that can be passed down for generations.

Through a partnership with One Tree Planted, Rekindle supports reforestation efforts around the world. Read more on their lifetime product guarantee & environmental commitment.