cedarwood, lavender, patchouli + bergamot | smells like mountains after the rain

Artisan-made with Canadian beeswax and pure coconut wax, this 6 oz candle comes in a beautiful tin complete with lid. This unique blend of waxes burns long, clean and even, providing the perfect aesthetic and fragrance addition to any space!

When burned, beeswax candles are air-purifying, helping to reduce other odours and pollutants in your space. 

MISIYO gives back | Every 6oz candle sold gives TWO MONTHS of health insurance to someone in need in Rwanda.  

    Size :

    6oz silver tin w. lid | 25+ hours of burn time 


    Canadian beeswax, pure coconut wax, pure essential oils, unbleached cotton + paper filament wick

    About MISIYO Candle Co: 

    Shelby and Sherah are the husband and wife team behind MISIYO Candle Co. Their love for candles coupled with their passion for helping families in Rwanda led them to launch their business in 2019. Starting from scratch, they developed their own wax blend using locally sourced beeswax and sustainable coconut wax. MISIYO translates to 'mission'  in Rwandan language because, with every candle sold, health insurance is provided to help support a healthier life for someone in the community. Since their inception, their partnership with the not-for-profit organization, The River has given over 10,000 months of health insurance to those in need. Their mission is to create amazing candles that enrich customer's lives while continuing to support the health of those in need. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Relax at home

    I love this scent SO much! The fragrance is not overpowering and, when I smell it, I instantly feel relaxed. These days, lighting up cascades is the closest I can get to a spa experience!

    Love this

    Love this scent and look of the tin!

    100% on point!

    With the burst of fresh spring after it rains and a slight hint of pine, it does take you to the forest/mountains after a rainfall. It was a bit strong for me but I'm sensitive to smells. My husband and child enjoyed the fragrance!