Complete Hair Bundle | 3-Step System

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Three haircare staples for smooth, healthy locks are combined in this all-natural, plastic-free bundle! 

This trio works to cleanse, nourish and balance the pH of your hair and scalp for shiny, healthy hair.

Choose the bar that's right for you to cleanse your locks, apply the Leave-In Conditioner to nourish and reveal shine, and finish with the multi-purpose Hair Repair Serum to tame flyaways daily or as weekly hair and scalp mask.

Set Includes: 

✔ Choice of Shampoo + Body Bar | These nourishing bars lather beautifully without the use of sulphates and will give up to 80 washes.
✔ Leave-In Conditioner | Packed with organic ingredients like Witch Hazel, Tea Tree, and Rosemary Oil, it works to keep your hair healthy and strong until the next wash.
Hair Repair SerumA carefully curated blend of ingredients including rosemary and jojoba essential oils to both nourish and repair hair.

Choose From:

✔ Spearmint & Rosemary | A refreshing and invigorating combination of Spearmint & Rosemary helps to stimulate circulation in the scalp to revive weighed-down hair. The anti-bacterial properties of these two lively essential oils help to purify and deep clean for flake-free, luscious locks.

✔ Aloe Vera & Seaweed | The Aloe Vera & Seaweed shampoo & body bar is a fragrance-free, extra gentle cleanser perfect for sensitive skin. Designed to cleanse irritation-prone skin to leave skin and scalp feeling calm and soothed. 

✔ Charcoal & Lemongrass | Charcoal removes dirt and toxins while improving your hair's strength and stimulating growth. Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial and calming on the scalp. Lemongrass essential oil leaves you feeling and smelling refreshed.

✔ Citrus Swirl | Zesty and lively, Citrus Swirl will leave your hair and skin feeling invigorated. Grapefruit contains vitamins A and C which help nourish and boost hair growth while brightening your hair's natural highlights. Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial and calming on the scalp. 

✔ Key Lime | Lime essential oils help purify the skin and hair. Tea Tree Oil is anti-bacterial and calming on the scalp. The infusion of citrus will leave your hair and skin feeling invigorated and smelling of citrus.

✔ Woodsy Jay | Woodsy Jay is infused with hints of tobacco leaves for a subtle smokey scent that will leave you feeling like you're about to chop wood for a cabin deep in the forest.

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