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Infuse your savasana with the healing power of crystals. The Crystal Collection Silk Eye Pillow is made of a 100% pure silk exterior to take relaxation to the next level during restorative yoga, before bed, or after screentime.

This eye pillow provides gentle weight to relax the mind and body with its organic wheatberry, gemstone and lavender fill. The silk and gemstones provide natural cooling to soothe dry eyes. 

Choose From:

Moonstone is connected to feminine energy—it’s thought to help enhance intuition, creativity, and emotional balance.

Citrine is a crystal associated with confidence, prosperity, and success. It’s thought to help promote self-expression, joy, and motivation.


  • Relieve eye strain
  • Relax facial tension
  • Soothe dry eyes
  • Calming lavender scent
  • Heatable for the ultimate relaxation (remove cover while heating)


    • 8" x 5" (20.3 cm x 12.7 cm)
    • 100% silk cover, sewn in China
    • Eye pillow casing: 100% cotton, sewn in India
    • Filling: lavender (France) and organic wheat berry (Canada), natural gemstones (Brazil)
    • Assembled at Halfmoon in Burnaby, Canada

    How to Use:

    Use as-is for a cooling sensation or warmed depending on needs. 

    Heating instructions
    Remove cover & set aside. Lay the pillow as flat as possible on the turntable and heat in 30-second intervals until you reach your desired temperature. Shake pillow between intervals for even heating. Test temperature on the back of the hand or forearm before placing it on the neck or face. Do not overheat.

    Product Care:

    • Remove cover, hand wash in cold water and hang to dry.


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    Great gift & awesome for end of self practice