Refreshing + Grounding

Province Apothecary's incense is hand-infused with pure essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your space. Bring the great outdoors in and allow this scent to stimulate your mind and inspire your creativity. The Incense holder is made of solid brass and is the perfect complement for any decor.

Bundle includes:
✔ 20 Spruce + Fir Incense Sticks
✔ 1 Brass Incense Holder

Free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

How to Use:

Place incense in the Lunar holder. Light the black end of the incense stick with a match or lighter by holding the flame to the stick until it keeps its own flame. Let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame. Smoke will rise with accompanied scent. Breathe and enjoy. 

*Only burn in a well-ventilated area. Do not leave unattended. Use on a stable, sufficiently large, nonflammable plate. 

About Province Apothecary: 

With a focus on locally-grown ingredients, Province Apothecary derives its name from its sourcing of the highest quality, certified organic ingredients across the Canadian Provinces. PA Founder Julie Clark believes that skincare should be gentle, natural, synthetic-free, nourishing and balancing to the skin for a more vibrant and radiant complexion. Their healing aromatherapy skincare line can be enjoyed by even the most sensitive complexions.