Province Apothecary's Full Brow Serum is a powerful blend of active plant botanicals specially formulated to encourage the growth of fuller brows. Its concentrated formula fortifies, thickens, and conditions hairs from root to tip, naturally enhancing your brows to achieve their desired shape to frame the face. 

Castor Seed Oil | High in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 3’s + 9’s fatty acids. Used to stimulate hair growth and fortify the follicles, aiding in strength and resilience. 
Argan Oil | Deeply conditions hair for shiny, healthy strands. Extremely moisturizing and helps retain moisture resulting in softer, smoother hair.  
Coffee | Caffeine encourages blood flow which naturally strengthens, activates, and enriches weakened hair follicles.
Rosemary Leaf ExtractRich in antioxidants, this stimulating ingredient has been used widely in Mediterranean cultures for promoting hair growth and improving circulation. Adequate blood flow to our hair follicles is key to maintaining healthy, properly functioning follicles that regularly sprout new growth.  

How to Use:

Shake Well. After cleansing, massage 1-2 drops of serum into dampened eyebrows for 10-20 seconds to ensure deep absorption. Wait 5-10 minutes before carrying on with your beauty routine. For best results, use both AM & PM. 

*Not recommended for use on eyelashes. This product is highly concentrated. Always perform a patch test before use. 


Castor Seed Oil*, Argan Kernel Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil* [infused with Coffee*, Burdock Root*, Calendula flower*, Horsetail*], Broccoli Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract + Oil*, Lavender*, Geranium Oil*, Bay Oil. *Certified Organic/certifié Biologique


30 ml

About Province Apothecary: 

With a focus on locally-grown ingredients, Province Apothecary derives its name from its sourcing of the highest quality, certified organic ingredients across the Canadian Provinces. PA Founder Julie Clark believes that skincare should be gentle, natural, and synthetic-free, nourishing, and balancing the skin for a more vibrant and radiant complexion. Their healing aromatherapy skincare line can be enjoyed by even the most sensitive complexions.

Customer Reviews

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Staple beauty Item

I've been using this product consistently for about three weeks now. I have one stubborn patch that hasn't grown back in years and I can already see hairs growing in! I don't even need to fill in my brows with brow pencil anymore which I feel was contributing to the hair loss/lack of growth. A bonus of this product is that its consistency allows you to groom your brows into place before bed which I find is teaching the brow hair to stay and grow in place! No need for brow laminations!!


I have sparse eyebrows from over-plucking the past decade. I came across this product in December 2019, and have used it religiously morning and night, and have seen growth. I have spots that have taken a year to grow a hair (a very clear hair, mind you, so nothing spectacular), which means my eyebrow growth will be a long one, but I do think this serum helps. I’ll buy consistently every time I need it.

It Works!

I have been using this serum for about 3 weeks and I cannot believe the difference. My eyebrows have grown in and are no longer falling out. I never skip an application and I think that both the serum and dedication is necessary for full-brow success. I wish it came in a large bottle for my head.


My eyebrows have been thinning, but since using this oil consistently (key here!) Finally I'm noticing they are falling out less and less! Smells very nice too.


After using this product for 6 months, I noticed a big difference. My brows are have grown and are thicker and darker which is great. After applying the oil to my brows, I message my side upper hairline with the leftover oil from my fingers as it seems that the hairline is thinning somewhat. I think I'm seeing very fine hair growing but will know better in a few months. Thanks for this almost magical product!!!