Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Make up Remover



Transform your skincare routine with this purifying, organic oil cleanser.

Use daily to thoroughly remove dirt and makeup without disrupting the natural pH of your skin.

High in antioxidants, vitamins and omegas, this cleanser deeply purifies pores from makeup and debris while keeping your skin balanced and hydrated.

Why we love it:

Skin is thoroughly clean allowing for better penetration of toners, creams and serums!

Raspberry Seed OilVery high in linoleic acid, it works to smooth skin and replenish the skin's moisture barrier
Avocado OilA rich, carrier oil that deeply penetrates the skin to fight dryness, dullness, and dehydration

How to Use:

Use nightly to remove makeup and dirt. Apply to a damp face or add a few drops of water or toner to the cleanser before applying. Warm oil in your palm. Massage onto the face and neck in a circular motion. Remove cleanser with a damp face cloth. For best results, follow with Province Apothecary Toner.


Sunflower Seed Oil*,  Jojoba oil*, Avocado oil*, Evening Primrose oil*, Raspberry Seed oil*, GMO-free Vitamin E, Rosemary leaf extract, and therapeutic essential oils of Bergamot**, Lavender*, Frankincense* and Petitgrain.

*Certified organic ingredient.
**Bergamot is Bergamotene-free (not photo-toxic).

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Best thing of life!

OMG, I'm in love with this cleanser. Received a sample after a facial and HAD to buy! I love, love, LOVE it!!!! Changed my whole complexion!!

Kathleen Trebilcock
Love this cleanser

This is the first time I tried an oil cleanser. I was surprised and excited to find that it didn't leave my skin feeling oily and it smells delightful as well. Like a spa experience twice a day!

Kori G.
I've spent thousands of dollars before I found this

After I turned 35, my skin changed and my old routine was not working - my skin was always dry and more sensitive; my pores were getting bigger; I had more blackheads and the tone was just dull and uneven. I basically tried everything and spent a lot of money to find something that would help - from La Mer to Skinceuticals, Elmwood Spa cleansers to Mario Badescu. And then I remembered that my old roommate used to use this, so I ordered the oil cleanser, toner, advanced clear serum and moisturizer and I am so happy that I did. It's not just that my skin looks so much better, it's that my skin actually feels great - it's less itchy, is never dry and I just always feel like I just washed & moisturized it. Also, the cleanser just feels so nice to put on - I love it.

A total pleasure to use - and it really works!

Like many of the other reviewers who've posted on here, I've tried **a lot** of oil cleansers, including several high-end versions, and this is by far the best I've ever used. It's such a pleasure to use, and I've been totally delighted with the results. I've used it twice daily for almost six months now and my skin has never been so soft and luminous. I've even noticed that some of my fine lines have faded around my eyes and on my forehead. It's the first time my skin has ever improved during the dry, cold winter season, so I'm really excited to see how it continues to improve during the summertime! I have sensitive skin and I was a bit worried that the essential oils might irritate my sensitive skin, but I actually find that this formulation calms my redness and the scent is really lovely and relaxing to use. It really feels like the essential oils have been chosen for a specific skincare purpose, rather than just as a perfume, which I really appreciate. I'm so glad I found this line - I've tried a lot of products, including high-end and other organic lines, but this is the only one that has given me such consistently wonderful results. :)

Jennifer Benatar
Love the way my skin feels!

I have oily skin, so I'm was a bit skeptical about using an oil, but I was wrong to doubt. My skin feels so great after using this product. It removes most of my makeup, I do still use a makeup remover to take off my waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick though.