The Province Apothecary facial cupping set gently pulls the skin away from deeper layers of fascia, increasing blood flow to smooth fine lines and revitalizing the skin. Incorporate this Ancient Chinese beauty tool into your daily skincare routine to improve skin’s radiance and naturally sculpt and tone your face.

Facial cupping offers many benefits to the skin, including:

  • Increased elasticity
  • Relaxes facial tension
  • Sculpts, tones, and firms skin, reducing the appearance of discoloration and fine lines
  • Reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles
  • Rejuvenates the look of dry, dehydrated, and devitalized skin

How to Use:

For a how-to video on the facial cupping ritual, click here

  • Prep your skin with an oil-based serum so that the cups can smoothly glide across your face.
  • Gently squeeze the cup, apply it to your skin, and release to create suction.
  • Move the cup across your face in an upward and outward motion. Start with the large cup and switch to the small cup for sensitive areas requiring more precision. 
  • Continue until you have successfully cupped all desired areas of your face.
  • It is important to keep the cup moving at all times as bruising can occur if the cup is left in the same place for too long.
Facial Cupping Care:
Wash your facial cups after each use with warm water and natural soap. Place on a cloth to air dry.
Contraindications: Facial cupping is an extremely effective and stimulating treatment. For that reason, we recommend not using them if you are experiencing any of the following conditions: inflamed, irritated or damaged skin, broken capillaries, moles, skin tags, warts, severe acne, eczema, psoriasis, sores, undiagnosed lumps, melanoma, cancer or if you are using blood thinners. Avoid extreme heat and sun exposure 12 hours after treatment.


This facial cupping set is made of high-quality silicone.

Compostable Packaging: Meet PA's compostable pouch packaging! It can be tossed into your backyard compost pile and will decompose in 8-12 months. This reusable pouch is made from the renewable, biobased materials of wood pulp cellulose and cornstarch resin (non-GMO). It is designed to break down faster than other materials without leaving harmful residues or microplastics behind.

About Province Apothecary:

With a focus on locally-grown ingredients, Province Apothecary derives its name from its sourcing of the highest quality, certified organic ingredients across the Canadian Provinces. PA Founder Julie Clark believes that skincare should be gentle, natural, and synthetic-free, nourishing, and balancing the skin for a more vibrant and radiant complexion. Their healing aromatherapy skincare line can be enjoyed by even the most sensitive complexions.