The B MAT Everyday 4mm has been designed for every kind of practice. Super sweaty and fast-moving, or room-temp with long holds - the B MAT Everyday is everyone and perfect for use indoors or out! 

What is The B MAT made of?

The B MAT is made of 100% rubber with natural and synthetic components. The natural rubber is inherently grippy and antimicrobial, making it perfect for a sweaty practice. Synthetic rubber is used to increase the durability and longevity of the mat. 

What is the lifespan of a B MAT?

The lifespan of your B MAT will depend on how often you practice, your style of practice, and how you care for your mat. When cared for, mats are designed to support your practice for 3+ years.  

**Please note this item is not available for shipment to the U.S**

Product Info:

Weight: 4.1lbs
Dimensions: 71" x 26"
Thickness: 4mm
Material: 100% rubber
Made in: Spain
To roll & store: store indoors, away from direct sunlight. Roll it with the logo facing outward. This will prevent creasing in your B MAT.
To clean: Use plain water and a neutral soap or half water, half lemon/vinegar mixture. Can be dried in the dryer or outside, out of direct sunlight. Avoid hanging over metal or wood. 
Note: Lighter-coloured yoga mats are more prone to showing stains than deeper-coloured mats 


Please allow up to one week for your order to ship from the time of purchase. 

About B Yoga:

Andrea Morris has always possessed an unwavering vision - to inspire people everywhere to ‘live their yoga’. Founded in 2014, B Yoga was created to make available elevated yoga, meditation and fitness essentials to satisfy all the ways in which we can nourish our souls through movement. Their mission is to empower every body to find inner calm and build outer strength. With its innovative, high-performance line of products, B Yoga creates an atmosphere for wellness anywhere with items uncompromising in comfort and style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gorgeous Green, Good Thickness

Having to replace my 5 mm mat, I was on the fence between the 4 mm and 6 mm mat, with the main factors being- cushion, stability and portability. I ultimately chose the 4 mm Everyday mat and I'm really happy with it! Despite the decrease in thickness, it provides good support on the joints and a better sensation of being grounded. As for the colour, the Jasper Green is gorgeous! Without seeing it in person, I couldn't tell how vibrant or muted it would be. It is more on the deeper muted side (almost black in dim light), which is what I wanted. In the daylight, it appears brighter, as in the photo. I'm only on day 2 of using it, so it is still stickier than I prefer. Hoping it will smooth out slightly over time, but otherwise, the grip is amazing!

Kelsie Sadler
Most Favorite Mat

These B mats are the absolute best!! The grip, the texture, & certainly the price. Especially working inversions or hot yoga...these mats a must have!!

Clare So
Great Mat!

The mat is grippy and is very easy to clean. In addition, the colour is beautiful. I use it for yoga classes and for virtual workout classes.
Note that the mat is wider than many yoga mats in the market. Pay attention to the mat bag's sizing to see if the mat would fit. Time for a new bag!

Robin Li
Comfy Mat - Chipping Strips

I received this B Mat as a gift and it's one of the comfiest mats I've ever used. It's very grippy and comfortable for its thickness. I definitely recommend this product but not specifically this model. Similar to the reviews below, the stipes chip off. After my first ever use, when I started rolling it back up it started to crack. I haven't been cut by the paint/sticker coming off but that's something that I worry about if the cracking becomes more severe.

If you are considering purchasing a mat, please choose the other models and not this specific one. The quality of the mat is good but the design on this one can be done better.

Fantastic - minus the stripes

This is my first B Yoga mat and I like everything about it except the stripes (which seems to be a common trend from the other reviews). I didn't check the reviews first.
While the stripes are great to help with alignment, they started chipping/flaking almost immediately.
Otherwise the mat is phenomenal. Has the perfect tacky feel to it with tons of cushion and grip. Great product overall!