The B MAT Strong 6mm offers superior cushioning for anyone looking for more support. Whether you have a high-impact practice or simply desire a little extra comfort, the B MAT Strong has you covered. 

What is The B MAT made of?

The B MAT is made of 100% rubber with natural and synthetic components. The natural rubber is inherently grippy and antimicrobial, making it perfect for a sweaty practice. Synthetic rubber is used to increase the durability and longevity of the mat. 

What is the lifespan of a B MAT?

The lifespan of your B MAT will depend on how often you practice, your style of practice, and how you care for your mat. When cared for, mats are designed to support your practice for 3+ years. 

How should I roll and store my mat?

When your B MAT is not in use, it should be stored indoors, away from direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure to your B MAT can cause UV damage and dehydration. Your B MAT can be used outdoors, however, it should never be left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. When rolling your B MAT for storage, please roll it with the logo facing the outward. This will prevent creasing in your B MAT.

How should I clean my B MAT?

The best way to clean your B MAT is by wiping the surface on a regular basis with plain water and neutral soap. You can also use B Yoga's tested and approved Cleanser. A cleaning solution with enzymatic properties such as a mixture of half water and half vinegar or lemon juice can also be used. To dry, the B MAT can go in the dryer or taken outside to dry. If taken outside to dry, keep it in the shade to avoid direct sunlight and avoid hanging it over metal or wood.

Product Info:

Weight: 5lbs

Dimensions: 71" x 26"

Thickness: 6mm

Material: 100% rubber

Made in: Spain

Note: Lighter-coloured yoga mats are more prone to showing stains than deeper-coloured mats.


Please allow up to one week for your order to ship from the time of purchase. 

About B Yoga:

Andrea Morris has always possessed an unwavering vision - to inspire people everywhere to ‘live their yoga’. Founded in 2014, B Yoga was created to make available elevated yoga, meditation and fitness essentials to satisfy all the ways in which we can nourish our souls through movement. Their mission is to empower every body to find inner calm and build outer strength. With its innovative, high-performance line of products, B Yoga creates an atmosphere for wellness anywhere with items uncompromising in comfort and style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Will not slip on this mat!

I had been needing a new yoga mat for a while because every time I was in down dog or doing other moves, I was slipping. I looked long and far and settled on the B Mat Strong and am very happy with my purchase. I love how "grippy" it is and haven't slipped once. Would highly recommend!

Durable and great grip

I started using this mat when I joined my new yoga studio where they had it on loan. The thickness is perfect for my sensitive knees and this is the grippiest mat I've used (for reference, I have tried the lululemon reversible, and manduka pro). I have sweaty hands and feet so even during regular practice, it can feel unstable which takes me out of focusing on the postures. However, using the bmat has completely changed this as I haven't had any doubts at the back of my mind about being supported. I can be fully present, which I didn't realize would make as big of a difference as it does.

I ended up receiving this mat for christmas and after hitting a minor snag when washing the mat, the customer service team went above and beyond in accommodating my needs. It made a big difference and allowed me to see the value in supporting small (Canadian!) businesses.

Best mat ever

I love my long, strong B mat. I am 6'3" tall so I need the extra length. The 6 mm thickness is more comfortable on my old bones (I'm 72). With the "sticky" surface I can really stick and hold a pose - no slippage. I have been a yogi since the early 1970's and I have tried a lot of mats but this is the best by far.


B MAT STRONG 6mm - Great for people who suffer from joint pain!

I love my B Mat Strong 6mm! It's not the first B Mat I've purchased and won't be the last. I would recommend this mat to anyone who suffers from sensitive joints who practices yoga. It provides cushion and support where needed, such as wrists and knees. The B Mat is my definite go-to mat!

Saffron love

Love this mat! the extra cushion in this mat is just what I need for my sensitive hips. Plus the colour brightens my day every time I roll it out.