The Essentials Kit is the perfect introduction to all-natural, waste-free body care. Start your day feeling clean and refreshed from head to toe.

What's Included?

✔ Charcoal Facial Bar
Spearmint & Rosemary Shampoo & Body Bar
Spearmint Mineral Toothpowder
Cedar & Fir Needle  Natural Deodorant

  1. Cleanse away any impurities with the Facial Bar in Activated Charcoal.
  2. Wash your hair and body with Birch Babe's award-winning Shampoo & Body Bar in Spearmint & Rosemary.
  3. Freshen your mouth with Mineral Toothpowder in Spearmint
  4. Be ready for wherever the day takes you with this all-natural deodorant (that works!) in Cedar & Fir Needle.


Facial Bar | 100gr 
Shampoo + Body Bar | 100gr
Tooth Powder | 35oz 
Deodorant | 75gr

How to Use:

Facial BarFor a nourishing daily cleanse, rub bar between hands to create a sudsy lather. Massage gently onto your face and neck using light circular motions. Rinse well and pat dry.

Shampoo BarFor a refreshing full-body clean, rub bar between hands to create an all-natural sudsy lather. Massage onto hair and any other body parts that need some love. Rinse thoroughly.

Tooth PowderWet toothbrush. Shake a small amount onto bristles or, dip bristles into personalized tooth powder tin. Brush teeth. Do a dance. Repeat morning and night or whenever your mouth needs some refreshing!

DeodorantApply directly onto clean, dry underarms. 


Facial Bar - Charcoal

Shampoo & Body Bar - Spearmint & Rosemary

Natural Deodorant - Cedar & Fir Needle

Mineral Toothpowder - Spearmint: *Calcium Carbonate, *Diatomaceous Earth, *Kaolin Clay, *Eupatorium Rebaudiana Bertoni (Stevia Powder), *Organic Natural Powder Flavour Crystals.


Birch Babe is committed to using only ethically sourced ingredients. 

About Birch Babe:

Debbie Alger longed for a change after six years working in an office. Taking a leap of faith, she booked a 5-month solo trek across South America. On this trip, she was struck by the beauty of Patagonia and its pristine environment. Returning home, Debbie felt inspired and compelled to act. Although a conscious consumer before her trip, she realized there was so much more that she could do to leave a positive impact on the world. Enter Birch Babe, a company she now runs with her two daughters, Kelsey and Lindsay. Their mission is to provide the world with viable, plastic-free and environmentally-friendly alternatives. Using only the best nature has to offer, they carefully source ingredients, such as cocoa butter, shea butter, rosehip and avocado oil. Handcrafted and environmentally packaged in Ontario, Canada, Birch Babe lives by one motto: “Why wouldn’t you be toxic & plastic-free if you could be?”

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